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About SpeakBindas

Welcome to SpeakBindas, an access to array of opinions, observations, views and postings! SpeakBindas is the brainchild of Devang Vibhakar. His passion to host a different kind of hub of info over the net made SpeakBindas happen.

SpeakBindas has been categorized in many groups.

1. Interviews – This features interviews of bloggers, writers, journalists, actors, spiritual individuals, artists, industrialists, businessmen and people from all walks of life. So far, there are 370+ interviews conducted.

2. Articles – This section is powered by writers that share love & zeal of writing beyond their own blogs. They post their articles and links to their blogs to catch the fancy of broader audience and replenish feedback and discussions. You can view various categories such as Video Articles, Health, News, Relationships, Spiritual, Tech, Travel etc.

So far we have interviewed the leading celebrities from Gujarat such as Tarak Mehta, Apara Mehta, Farida Mir, Shahbuddin Rathod, Ramesh Metha, Ashok Dave and Vinod Bhatt, Pan Nalin an internationally renowned film maker (Director of films like ‘Samsara’ and ‘Valley of Flowers’) too is interviewed by SpeakBindas who has his roots from Gujarat. We interview through video or online mode. The Celebrities who are reachable opt for video interview and others based away go by online interview. We’ve interviewed Limca Book holders Bittu Gandhi and Vishal Nagani. It is a matter of pride that Vishal Nagani succeeded in achieving his Limca Award with the efforts from us. We have many success stories in SpeakBindas which is just a click away.

As on February 22, 2012 we have more than 171 content write ups by more than 25 writers as well more than 374 Interviews. We regularly add fresh content. Many readers have shared with us that just by spending couple of minutes going through SpeakBindas, have made them high through out the day.


  • SpeakBindas has won National Records from Limca Book of Records for conducting 149 interviews of famous people from different walks of life and hosting them on SpeakBindas.
  • Chitralekha – a leading Gujarati magazine has taken note of this achievement of SpeakBindas. Click here for more.
  • I also visited Scotland for one month as part of Rotary Foundation’s exchange program called Group Study Exchange. You can read my experience of the exchange at GSE Scotland.
  • Volunteer with International Organization called AFS.
  • Writer & publisher of five books.

About Devang Vibhakar, Editor – www.SpeakBindas.com

Devang Vibhakar

A passionate wanderer, interviewer, author of five books and editor of SpeakBindas.com, Devang Vibhakar simply believes & follows the punchline of “Following the Inner Passion“. With this mantra he has interviewed more than 350 people, won National Record from Limca Book of Records and got featured in various print-medias.

A constant seeker of knowledge of different fields, and he satisfies his this desire by meeting people from different walks of life.

You can Contact him here and reach to him on Facebook here.


SpeakBindas believes in startling and inspiring you with host of articles, stories, interviews, comments and discussions. Our aim is to make everyone bring out their creativeness in their own joyful way so that they can experience goose bumps of success.


SpeakBindas stands for freedom of expression & it supports voicing personal opinion. We may not always agree with the postings but SpeakBindas believes in giving a chance to everyone to speak their mind. SpeakBindas values the writers need to attract traffic and eyes to their positions.