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Alert: Parents of Brides: Part 2

Happily ever after...As the wedding day arrives close, every one gets extremely busy with the logistics surrounding the wedding.The focus is mainly on two things: The groom & his relatives & friends should have be impressed and that to beyond limit.No body should forget how grandly they were being attended to & treated with personal attention at their disposition.Never mind about the budget, if need be, it can to be extended.The wedding have to be conducted memorably.
The second thought that is of concern is that the would be bride, the apple of the family’s eyes, would no longer be with them once she becomes a Mrs. so & so…Family members gets emotional over this, naturally so.
Things of above nature is more than enough for them to be preoccupied with arrangements to be made for the forthcoming huge celebrations & the  nitty gritty of it.

In the midst of it all, some oblique ‘suggestions’ are made either from the groom’s relatives or the mediators, like: Won’t it look better if you gift the groom’s parents/sisters/ etc etc; a costlier item? After all its once in a life time chance to make them happy…I would be more careful in understanding & implementing rituals and  giving presents to them if I were you, according to their customs….(pressure starts building…)

None has time or inclination to take a moment to stop & think about the ongoing frenzy.No body rethinks if these subtle nudges are small trailers for the full length film that is to be followed.Of course these are NOT demands!Of course there is no negativity or game playing involved here…

The big day arrives.All is dealt with quite successfully.Everyone talks about the wedding event and never gets tired of praising the up to date arrangements.

Things, after a while starts taking turn:(Here are a few examples)

The bride calls up her mom and instructs her: Don’t give my new contact no. of my in-law’s place to any male friends…( so what if all the kids of family & friend’s grew up together and shared life’s special moments for years together). As it is, I am a married lady now, and it doesn’t give a good impression.( What the Hell…)

Oh mom, I was too busy…cannot talk with you frequently…again, it doesn’t look good too.( Eh, good? what is good or bad about it? How come you lost your right to ask about your daughter’s well being overnight??)

(More in my next, part 3 of this article)



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4 thoughts on “Alert: Parents of Brides: Part 2

  1. prerna says:

    same as in part-1. now eagerly waiting for the thirdone.
    write soon.

    1. Thnks fr the encouragement!

  2. Rashmi says:

    Oh mom, I was too busy…cannot talk with you frequently…again, it doesn’t look good too.( Eh, good? what is good or bad about it? How come you lost your right to ask about your daughter’s well being overnight??)

    I believe that some moms do this excessively which creates problems for daughter to settle in. Asking once in a while is every mother’s right but being over-conscious and thinking to know every minute’s update infact goes against the daughter on a long-run.

    This is how I see it, and you don’t need to agree with me.

  3. Agree, Thnks Rashmi.

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