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I CHANGE, WE CHANGE, WORLD CHANGE This article belongs to those people who believe in self thinking & self esteem; this belongs to the every age individual. In life, people are complaining for everything, when they got dissatisfied by something or regarding to social issues, political issues, it...
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Blowing in the Wind

You never know the reason despite of your tremendous efforts to get the cause of why there remains certain moments in the course of life that carve its niche in the memory so hard that it becomes too difficult to forget it in a life time and why...
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How my two day leave ended

The hardest thing I can ever imagine is to get through any government department, it’s the very old notion I have been preserving! And let me admit with it that this notion has always been true to itself and never let it be proven wrong! Recently I had...
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Generation Junction

As the title suggests, today I would like to focus on generation gap that exists in India. In India population of youth is more, so we can say that we are having three different groups in India. One is below 20 years, second is between 20 to 45...
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The Magician: Ultimate source of inspiration

During the early days of my working with Tarot, I was literally fascinated by the images of my first Tarot deck, it was Rider Waite. I was dealing with the cards in dual ways, intellectually as well as mechanically. Initially, I had only a “Mechanical Faith” on the...
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Pros and cons of homeschooling by a real parent

There are many advantages of normal schooling. A child have his/her own social life. At school they work, play and learn together in group of same age. Activities and interactions at school add many life long impressions. Have teachers specialized in their subjects and many more facilities for...
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