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Alert: Parents of Brides: Part 3

In my previous articles;  part one and two, so far we tried to analyse few important factors regarding fatal and unfortunate errors that occur inadvertently while giving a daughter’s hand in marriage.Mostly it was focused on over sight caused by parents and elders.Today in this final article,we will...
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Alert: Parents of Brides

When we hear of unbelievably shocking wedding and divorce related stories, mainly from our acqaintances or from our social circle, normally, our reaction is of sympathy, after the initial shock subsides. Right? What is the next thought? “If it were I, I would have been more aware…I would...
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Interview of Bhayabhai Maldebhai Ratiya Who Is 93 Years Old And Healthy.

હું આણંદ ગયેલો. ત્યા જયેન્દ્રભાઇ રાતિયા સાથે સહજ મુલાકાત થઇ. તેઓ રહે વડોદરા. જ્ઞાતિએ મેર. તેમનું વતન પોરબંદર. વાતવાતમાં તેમણે તેમના ૯૩ વર્ષની ઉંમરે પહોંચેલ પિતાશ્રી વિશે માહિતી આપી. આ ઉંમરે પણ કોઇપણ રોગ નહી, નિયમીત ચાલે તેમજ ખમીરપણાની વાત કહી…. અને…….. …અને થોડા દિવસ બાદ જુનાગઢ ખાતે...
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Interview of Nadine Sabulsky, The Naked Life Coach

My passion of interviewing people from different walks of life sometimes brings me to very unique person. Nadine Sabulsky is one such ‘hatke‘ (different from others) person I came across. She goes with the brand “The Naked Life Coach”. And she does so quite successfully. Nadine resides in...
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Interview of Vasantbhai Mangrolia

Vasantbhai Mangrolia is the Managing Director of Unitech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. firm which is operational from Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA. It is engaged with the engineering business having buyers from around the world. Video of Interview He is self-made entrepreneur and an industrialist. Though, he received initial support and...
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Interview–Rameshbhai Thakkar

Rameshbhai Thakkar is Chairman of Shree Giriraj Multispeciality Hospital, Rajkot. His elder son Dr. Mayank Thakkar leads the hospital. Rameshbhai is widely known for his humanitarian and social activities. He is actively associated with Shreeji Gaushala which looks after more than 800 cows. He is just not a...
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