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Chinthana Munasinghe of Unsilent Dawn blog

I’m Chinthana Munasinghe, a 24 year old dreamer, born and raised in the paradise isle of Sri Lanka. Currently I’m taking some time off from work to follow my dreams and also to live life the way it was meant to be lived. I’m passionate about music, movies,...
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Write straight from your heart: NJ

I believe in simplicity and see that every person has a tag on their neck that says “I am special”… All of us are… Hello Mirror, this is N J… Nithin Jacob. I’m a Data Encoder who is currently working in Saudi Arabia. India always brings sweet memories…...
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Look for your passion first: Gerardine Baugh

My name is Gerardine Baugh, I Blog at; http://gerardinebaugh.wordpress.com/. I live on the outskirts of a small mid-western farming community, Illinois, USA. My birthday is January 23. I am a wife, mother and writer. My husband, Michael, is a very supportive fan of my writing. My Blog came...
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I fear physical pain: SpiritualPanther

My name is Vinod Dave, originally from Chital, Gujarat and now I live in New York City since last quarter of a century.  I was born in Chital just a year after India became independent. I did my primary education in Chital, High school in Rajkot and two...
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