This article belongs to those people who believe in self thinking & self esteem; this belongs to the every age individual.

In life, people are complaining for everything, when they got dissatisfied by something or regarding to social issues, political issues, it may be personal issues, everyone wishes to change surrounding circumstances, if we are asking students then they will say India is a poor country, my school is not having facilities that I require & that will be endless discussion.

Youngsters are fed up of the system, politicians, lack of opportunities in India, less job satisfaction. Each individual is having own problem. & they keep complaining to the people surrounding them.

I believe that nothing is perfect in this whole world & nothing is permanent like circumstances, atmosphere, and thinking. In previous years life was hard to live, but thanks to technologies, now a day’s one can save time compare to previous years in different situations & places.

So, what we have to do, I believe that there are several things to do & know in this whole world. May be your change will inspire others to do the similar thing, but one should start that thing,  i.e. people hate politics but one can join it to change.

No gain without pain. If I don’t like the way I’m, I can change it myself to achieve some goals in life, only one thing is require that is determination. People are afraid to change their selves, they are thinking that they are perfect but that is not true, to complain for something is the easiest thing in this whole world but to start to change it by yourself is difficult one, which needs lots of guts.

See. Change can be any kind of, in studies, in looks, in personality, in career, it depends on individual to do so. Like I love to write but if I’m waiting for perfection in my writing then it’ll impossible for me to even start. So, I stopped thinking on failure & I just start writing, I’m happy with my change, one can try it. By profession I’m lecturer in engineering, so I have seen students that they are not having enough confidence in themselves to express them, I always inspire them by saying that you can change yourself & now many students are far better then their previous performance. Second thing is lack of planning in studies as well as in concentration; one can exercise to achieve good concentration. By Yoga & few Pranayam it’ll make difference. Only thing require is willingness, faith in itself, positive attitude towards the plenty energy itself available in everyone’s body. People are generally jealous about someone’s good looks around them, but one can also try to change themselves by changing their hair styles, or dressing sense. It’s not that much difficult. If that change will make you happy then it’s worthy. Forget about others, forget about age, make your life more meaningful & vibrant. When I was in college I always observed people who are successful in their field, & I found that they were working for their goal from so long, no one get success in short cut, it needs determination like rock with planning & lots of time. I have made my list that things I would like to do in my life, I’m achieving my goals by doing hard work on that. I’m sure that I’ll complete my list oneday.

So, one should  have positive attitude to change itself, no one will come to change you, one should do it by yourself, so, believe in your dreams, forget about failure, in today’s era people need to be strong by mind & also by heart, the most beautiful thing in human body is mind, it ‘s controller of individual.

I believe that god made everyone capable to solve their problems by themselves, no one need any guru or any advice to solve it, every person is smart enough to solve it by itself, i.e.  everyone knows that if we are not taking care of our body then we will be caught by decease someday, so keep doing exercise from now onwards. Manage your weight by yourself.
No one is perfect in the world but try to reach perfection. God will never give you situation in which you can’t survive. Have faith in god & courage in heart.

In today’s life the biggest problem is depression, it comes very easily in anyone’s life.
I  believe that struggle is beautiful in life, which is require the most, otherwise no one is able to evaluate itself, it will fetch your inner talent & knowledge. So, never be frustrated in life only because of unfair circumstances, accept it, and beat them. Always try to compare yourself with your last performance, don’t compare it others, you will definitely improve. Believe in your thinking & dreams. One interesting thing is dreams are two types, one is called night dreaming, which is common for all of us & we are not having control in them. One is day dreaming which require the most for success. Be your guru yourself & live life with change that you require..


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  1. AMAR says:

    Good thoughts have been put in one place, great efforts for it

  2. neelesh rana says:

    realy inspiring!!!!!!!!

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