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Joseph Jenkins 3 Books Seeking Your Support For Publishing, on Kickstarter

This kickstarter campaign is about 3 action packed and breathtaking books Joseph Jenkins is going to publish through your support. Already a year in publication Joseph Jenkins first book Plato’s Cave has touched so many readers who have sent in testimonies about how the novel has changed their lives. His mission is to push the goal further. He wants to reach more people, touch more lives! But to reach more people and touch their lives he will need your help. After experiencing the self-publishing process, he’s found certain things are necessary to reach even more people, marketing being a crucial one. But now he and his team have run out of budget. So Instead of folding and signing with a major publishing company (which usually does only 40% of the work) only to be controlled by what they want him to write. He’s turning to you to be part of the journey to inspire more people. All funds raised for this project will go towards radio promotions, marketing, inspirational tools and teachings, and the list goes on. The more you give, the more you spread the word about this project, the more we can reach and make history! Joseph wants you to feel and experience like you are a part of this project so he has also included exciting exclusive incentives. He hopes they will encourage and prosper you. Take a look at Campaign fan page & follow Joseph Jenkins on his Twitter page.


Joseph Jenkins’ 3 books are about:

Plato’s Cave: One man is struggling with his finances, losing his family, and wants a better life. On his church mission trip an accidents happens and he ends up in this perfect society filled with no problems. The question is should he stay in this perfect society or venture back into the self-serving world we live in.

Faith, the existence of God: A college professor loses his temper during a debate with one of his students over the existence of God. He loses his job and searches for the proof of God existence. On the opposite side of town a former drug dealer wants to quit his wrong doings but is afraid of his boss the charismatic Drug Lord. The Drug Lord has a plan to take over the city which causes the college professor and former drug dealer to find a way to stop him.

That’s Why I sing: The story of the unbridled tenacious faith, 5 single woman use as they overcome the chauvinistic, prejudice, world we live in.

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