Value of Indian Rupee Going Down Against USD, GBP, Australian Dollar & Euro

August 21, 2013

Value of Indian Rupee is going down and down in world economy. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, once upon a time was Finance minister of the country, and it was expected of him to take care of economy of the country. But, during his rule, the value has gone all-time down. I had a […]

22 Ways – Joy of Small Things

August 20, 2013

Life, we often take it for granted and forget to enjoy small things it has in store for us for which it asks no fees. It gives pure joy. Initially, I had made below points as an outline to make a short-film which depicts the Joy of small things, but then it couldn’t work out, […]

Share Any Idea Related to Social Entrepreneurship

August 20, 2013

What is Social Entrepreneurship is the first thing to know. It talks about a business idea which generates money but also helps the society. The business idea/event/project is such that it’s a social service with a difference it also generates money for the creator. So, having said so, can you think of any such business […]

Importance of Right Hand!

August 20, 2013

Having born in India, I have come across various set of rules for which I have never got satisfactory answers. For instance, Hindus believe right hand to be a pious one in comparison to left hand! For example, generally we eat by hands, and we use our right hand to so. But if we see […]

Is Facebook An Enemy of Blogging?

August 20, 2013

Remember the days when Facebook was not in existence? And, so remember the days how interactive blogging used to be then? Talking about my blogging experience, blogging was much more interactive then with number of comments and reads of article posts. Of course, Orkut was there then but it seemed as a backbone for blogging. […]

Not Using Smart Phone Yet–What Am I Losing?

August 20, 2013

That’s true. I am not using smart phone yet. Is it a shock for you? If not, good. But if yes, I would want you to tell me what am I losing for not using it yet? I still use the qwerty keypad Nokia X2 series phone. Yes, I have an internet availability in it. […]

Writer’s Block For Not Finding The Topic To Write

August 20, 2013

Being a writer is a boon sometimes for you can catharsis your feelings through this form of art. But sometimes, it’s a curse for you experience the writer’s block, i.e. you just don’t know what to write about where as at the same time the natural instinct of writing is jumping within you very strongly. […]

Sin, Sinner, Society & Spirituality

August 20, 2013

Recently, I started working on consciousness evolution of prisoners. I started this work in women cell of a prison. While helping them through various spiritual techniques in this workshop I got a chance to understand – Sin, Sinner, Victim, Judge, Jailer, Society and Spirituality ( of individual and the masses ). As a spiritual healer […]

Horror Movies Are Not Horrorsome Anymore!

August 19, 2013

I am a great fan of watching movies. There was a time when Hindi horror movies having ghosts nothing but a form of make-up, would get the scare out of me! All they would do is walk slowly and would ultimately catch the person who ran like anything! I believe that there was no such […]

7 Social Branding Strategies For Everyone

August 19, 2013

I am talking about social branding of a person. I have no idea if that is also applicable for a product or not. But sometimes, you feel that you need social branding or say you want it. It is something you can’t buy right away. It is generated through and by society. So to say, […]

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