5 Intersting Websites That I Came Across While Surfing Web

February 12, 2013

Sometimes we come across something very casually. We had not planned to reach to it, but it reaches to us. Such things happen with me in terms of I came across some interesting website while I’m surfing the web for something else. Here is the 5 such websites for you to visit. 1. AchhiKhabar.com It’s […]

Two States of Mind Related with Social Service

February 11, 2013

If we take a look around us, we see many needy people. Sometimes we feel like reaching to them and help them, sometimes we really go and help them and sometimes we pass on by complaining or ignoring. Personally, I have experienced two states of mind related with social service. They are: 1. The world […]

Thoughts That Strike During Meditation

February 10, 2013

For me, meditation is being able to sit comfortably, with eyes closed, without trying anything to achieve or let go. Just sit silently, without any projection of thoughts. For me, meditation is the tool to hope to reach to a mental state where not even single thought exist. So far, I haven’t reached to such […]

9th Feb, Chocolate Day

February 9, 2013

It’s a chocolate day today, as part of Valentine week. 9th of February is celebrated as a Chocolate day. Best day to gift chocolate to your friends. I would instead share with you a video where you will learn the recipe of making a chocolate. Over to Shakti Salgaokar in below video where she prepares […]

Popular Occult Sciences – Question of Faith v/s Proof

February 9, 2013

There has always been a conflict between Science & Faith. Science asks for proof that we can see with our eyes. While Faith talks about believing in something without any asking questions or proof. For science, occult sciences are nothing but mental conditioning of people. This conditioning is called faith. Well, we can debate on […]

Kader Khan Death Rumours

February 8, 2013

Kader Khan(mostly spelled as Kadar Khan) is an aged actor of Indian Cinema. He was in news today with rumours of his death. It’s hard to imagine that how a person would feel reading a news himself about his death. He must have been upset with it. As I read RIP messages in Facebook on […]

Top 3 Available Domains To Pick Up

February 8, 2013

I was going through Domain research for some of website concepts I have in my mind. In this research procedure, I came across these absolutely catchy & amazing domains names, which to my surprise are AVAILABLE. 1. www.supplymarket.net Just two keywords – supply & market. This is a perfect domain name for those who are […]

Google Doodles Jagjit Singh’s 72nd Birthday

February 8, 2013

[Image source: Google] Google (search engine) has a very unique feature called “doodle”, where you do find different images on special days, like birthday of a very well known personality, historical day etc.. Google doodles Jagjit Singh’s 72nd birthday which is on February 8, 2013 by placing the above image on its search engine homepage. […]

Interview of Gillian Westwater – GSE team member from Scotland

January 25, 2013

Video Interview of Gillian Westwater Rotary Foundation has an exchange program called Group Study Exchange, which is a one month long cultural & vocational exchange program, comprising of four team members who are from different professions and one team leader who is a Rotarian. Readers of my blog are aware that in the year 2012 […]

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