Debunking the myth of the messy desk

August 6, 2014

At one time, it was generally accepted that a messy desk was a sign of productivity. Architects, engineers and others who are in similar fields are notorious for this common misconception. The actuality of a messy desk is in fact grounded in historical fact; these professionals would normally have slide rules, graphing tools and other […] A preferred site for avid shoppers

August 1, 2014

Rita, an avid shopper has long back stopped roaming on to different malls to satisfy her craving for the best piece for her wardrobe. Once while Rita was checking her mails online she came across and a sneak peek into the site got her simply hooked on to it.  Yes, it definitely created a […]

Vouchersky offers numerous discount coupons to save your money and help shop more

August 1, 2014

When it comes to online shopping, consumers are finding for products from an ink-pen to air ticket. Some of the popular categories where consumers are found to be shopping heavily are travel tickets, pizza, mobile phones, fashion items, beauty items, electronics etc. Vouchersky offers more than this. Vouchersky is an online platform which provides voucher […]

10 Fruits For Natural Weight Loss!

July 31, 2014

In summer we all want to feel beautiful and confident with our bodies, for that, a healthy diet is essential. And what better way to lose weight then by eating fruits! Fruits, thanks to their rich content of water and fiber are ideal to eliminate toxins and speed up metabolism, and therefore are an excellent […]

ONDiGO Mobile CRM – Best Mobile App for Sales on-the-go

July 28, 2014

Customer Relationship Management is a key factor for small scale businesses and it becomes hard to deal with when the owner or the sales person is on the go, i.e. traveling and away from the business place. This is when he requires to make sure that his business and sales is also on the go […]

Alert: Parents of Brides: Part 2

July 18, 2014

As the wedding day arrives close, every one gets extremely busy with the logistics surrounding the wedding.The focus is mainly on two things: The groom & his relatives & friends should have be impressed and that to beyond limit.No body should forget how grandly they were being attended to & treated with personal attention at […]

Crowdfunding – An Emerging Concept in India

July 17, 2014

Crowdfunding is an emerging concept in the world’s second largest populated country – India. With the boom in inclination towards attaining high education as well as entrepreneurship, demand for capital is generated. Yet the creative minds having astonishing ideas lack capital to turn their ideas into reality. For this, either they go the traditional way, […]

CouponTray Saves Your Money

July 14, 2014

With the emerge of e-commerce websites in India such as Flipkart, snapdeal, ebay, amazon, myntra etc., a parallel website stream of discount coupons also came into place. What do they do? They make your shopping experience a happy one! How? Well, if you’re buying something online, be it clothes or electronics, if prior to placing […]

Alert: Parents of Brides

July 7, 2014

When we hear of unbelievably shocking wedding and divorce related stories, mainly from our acqaintances or from our social circle, normally, our reaction is of sympathy, after the initial shock subsides. Right? What is the next thought? “If it were I, I would have been more aware…I would have done this or that & would […]

Capital Structure: Role in efficient financial management

July 4, 2014

Capital structure refers to the combination of various sources from where the long-term funds which are required for business may be raised. It may be called a ‘capital-mix’ which comprises of equity capital, preference capital and debt capital. Financial management has several objectives, the most important one being maximizing the value of the business. It […]

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