SpeakBindas - Stories, Interviews, Articles - Part 76

Vinodkumar Thakkar, Principal of The Rajkumar College

Motto of education is to produce good human beings. Vinodkumar Thakkar is the principal of one of Rajkot’s finest and oldest schools, The Rajkumar College (RKC). He is working with RKC since last 31 years. Such is his association with education. RKC was initially established by the Britishers...
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Eye opener

The very thought of Amritsar brings to mind the Golden Temple – a shrine which not only the believers but even the non believers of the religion would ensure to visit when they are in Amritsar. Sometimes, unless and until one visits the place, the actual facts remain...
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Chetna Shah, creator of Samnvay.net

Chetna Shah runs www.samnvay.net which covers posts related to religion, music and literature. She has a number of interests which include singing and listening to music, reading and writing.  She enjoys capturing natural photos of places like the beach, mountains, streams, rivers, waterfalls, gardens and snow.  She also...
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