Solitude And Glamour Go Hand In Hand?

by Devang Vibhakar on February 27, 2013


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Material desire is a common attraction for all of us. We seek to live a life where material pleasures are at its full swing. Perfect house, well-furnished personal office, car, wardrobe, world-trips etc. are some of the common dreams of mango people. But then, at present I am feeling confused with two state of mind, which are opposite in direction but equal in mass! They are:

1. Solitude

Well, I like nature a lot. Not just because of its greenery, but because of its nature which provides solitude. Even in absence of grass, I like it for this reason. Well, people seek solitude to level the balance of their inner anarchy. And such inner journey begins when a person is totally moved away from worldly desires. He is no more attached to the glamour part of life. He feels like staying at a place where no humans are visible, no noise, no pollution and no nothing that would disturb his solitude. Well, sometimes I get the craving for such a period where I feel to escape to look for such a solitude. But…

2. Glamour

But.. I also crave for a glamourous life where life is being enjoyed with the material facilities, where there is no sign of solitude at all!

Hence, this is either quite normal or very abnormal because either you can be in such a state where material desires are no longer your craves, or you’re totally into it. You just can’t be in the both the boats at the same time. But I am. And I think, this is the case with many of you, isn’t it?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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1 Jigar Patel March 3, 2013 at 9:31 pm

Devang, Looks like you are reading my mind here. I do feel exactly the same kind of tug-of-war (between solitude and materialism).

Sometimes i think of giving up all the material greed which i know will never be fully satisfied and just go to a place where i can survive only with basics. I strongly feel that i can be happy living off the nature without the disturbances and greed of materialism.

However, the other part of me calls myself stupid or loser for thinking this way. It tells me that, life is a one time opportunity to just enjoy all the amenities that i can and i shouldn’t be afraid to take advantage of it. I also start questioning my ability to race against the practical world and tell myself that I might be one of those who are looking for an easy way out of the complex world.

May be, i’m still fighting to find some middle grounds with the way i feel and trying to justify having a bit of both, solitude and glamour.

For me it is still work in progress.

Thanks for raising this!


2 Devang Vibhakar March 4, 2013 at 10:43 am

exactly. the work is in progress.


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