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Do You Own a Vacation Rental? Then You Should Definitely Read This

It’s big business!

Deciding to have a second home or just another house as a vacation rental is among the smartest business decisions you could make. There are many people that prefer rentals to hotel rooms and for various reasons, so you are sure there’ll be no lack of clients. For you, Tadoba tiger resort vacation rentals are especially popular and since it is Beverly Hills, you can get some pretty wealthy clientele.

Talk to me…

A good opportunity needs to be taken advantage of, right? According to industry experts, the best way to gain and maintain clients for your vacation rentals is communication. Have you heard of auto-responders? Well, most owners of vacation rentals prefer not to use them or don’t even know what they are. However, if you want to get as much as you can from your rental, you need to include them in your booking process…and here’s why?

  1. Faster response time means better conversion rates

When a client is looking through your website and gets a response within the first hour, they are more likely to book your rental. Now, it is impractical (to say the least) to sit at your computer all day responding to email. The auto-responders will be able to send a custom message and get a conversation going with the client, which gives you time to get to them and seal the deal.

  1. You can narrow down their search

The clients will scan through various websites before they settle on one. When they get to yours and have an inquiry about something, an immediate response from your auto-responder means that they will have you in mind even when they continue searching, and will tend to circle back to your property.

  1. It makes you look good

Most property managers or owners do not respond to inquiries from clients and that makes them question their level of professionalism and just how much attention they will get when they start living in these homes. By responding, you show them that you are professional and that you pay attention; a good first impression leads to great business.

  1. No hard feelings

Not all bookings work out; sometimes the dates just don’t fit or there are too many people. However, the fact that you took the time to talk to your potential clients makes them feel appreciated, which at least will get you word of mouth referrals or they may even consider your property next time they are on holiday.

  1. It helps you concentrate

Depending on the season, you may get a lot of inquiries for your property. Many of them may just be looking for information without the intention of making a booking (at least not that day). So by having those handled by the auto-responders, you are able to concentrate on inquiries that fit your property perfectly. This personal touch will certainly get you noticed and potentially lead to a booking.

So while people may think that auto-responders are impersonal, or impractical, you can see that they are critical in a business like rentals that rests almost entirely on customer service.


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