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Interview with Gujarati Society Glasgow

Gujarati Society Glasgow(GSG) is a Non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers with an aim to celebrate cultural and religious festivals and bring people of the Gujarati community closer together. The society is not just for Gujaratis but open for all interested in learning more about Gujarati culture and...
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Interview of Nadine Sabulsky, The Naked Life Coach

Nadine Sabulsky - The Naked Life Coach
My passion of interviewing people from different walks of life sometimes brings me to very unique person. Nadine Sabulsky is one such ‘hatke‘ (different from others) person I came across. She goes with the brand “The Naked Life Coach”. And she does so quite successfully. Nadine resides in...
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Innocence of Sex – Interview with Osho Shivo

Editor’s note: Osho Shivo a.k.a. the consciousness evolution guide, is an enlightened mystic who has helped people explore the new horizons of spirituality through practices designed for modern times. His workshop, Celebrating Love, shifts the context of relationship between man and woman from conflict to celebration. He is...
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Interview of Shubham Choudhary

Shubham Choudhary, a writer, a poet, a blogger and an aspiring author. And well, something beyond that too. Now those “some” things comprise of a geeky engineer who studied a lot to get through the so called toughest competitions in the world known as JEE and AIEEE, an...
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