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Top 3 Available Domains To Pick Up

I was going through Domain research for some of website concepts I have in my mind. In this research procedure, I came across these absolutely catchy & amazing domains names, which to my surprise are AVAILABLE.

1. www.supplymarket.net

Just two keywords – supply & market. This is a perfect domain name for those who are into B2B or brokerage business. In other words, company which has something to do with supply of goods in market, this domain name is just perfect for their business. Also, other business associates interested in starting a platform for buyers & sellers, can find this domain name quite handy & catchy.

Only drawback in this domain is, it’s a .net and not a .com.

2. www.topbrokers.in

A perfect domain name to create a ‘network of brokers of India’. You can think in terms of brokers from fields of: Real Estate, Stock Market, Commodity and Auto. You can create a website where brokers can upload their profile, city-wise. You can also think of running an additional forum on this site where brokers & clients from same field can interact with each other.

3. www.listeningyou.com

A perfect domain name for a counselor website. If you’re the one yourself, you can have this website where people do share their problems with you. It’s more of a question-answer website I can think of related to this domain. Also, a network of experts from the field of occult science, relationship etc. is also a possibility with this domain.

P.S.: These domains are available as on February 8, 2013 as I’m writing this. You never know, when they will be picked up!


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