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Nikki Haley – Why I’m Running for Governor

About Nikki Haley:
Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa Haley (born January 20, 1972) is an elected official and businesswoman from South Carolina, where she is currently the governor-elect. Haley represents Lexington County in the South Carolina House of Representatives. Haley was the Republican nominee in the South Carolina gubernatorial election, 2010 and was endorsed by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford, and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

On June 8, 2010, Haley finished first in the four-person GOP primary election with more than 49% of the vote – just shy of the 50% plus one threshold required to win outright. Haley won the runoff on June 22 with 65%, and proceeded to win the general election, thus making her the first female governor of South Carolina and the second Indian American governor in the country (preceded by Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana). She has already been mentioned as a “long shot” presidential candidate for 2012.

And now she enjoys the privilege of becoming the first Indian-American Woman Governor.


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