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3 Things To Learn From MTV Roadies

Roadies is an Indian Reality Show being telecast on MTV India. It has reached to its tenth season in the year 2013. The show is popular for several reasons such as unique interview style, solid interviewers like Raghu, Rajeev and Ranvijay(winner of first season), politics being played among contestants, excellent performances, unique locations etc.

I have been its regular viewer since last two seasons. I enjoy the show a lot. I have felt three things very strongly which does shine all over the show. Here are those 3 things to learn from the show.

1. Be Yourself.

We often lead a fake life. Our actions depend upon the person we are with or facing. Roadies tells you to Be Yourself. Don’t fake it. If you have weaknesses(who doesn’t?), don’t hide them. Accept them. Also, don’t even try to receive sympathy for it. Don’t fake yourself as a strong person, if you are not. Don’t lie. If you have done something wrong in the past, if you feel sorry for something, if you have cheated somebody – don’t lie about it. Of course, don’t even try to represent a fake cry out of it. And it doesn’t matter even if you do so because judge like Raghu will not be fooled by you. He will get inside you and fetch the truth from there. Roadies is all about being who you are. It doesn’t accept a personality which you try to represent for camera. I think that being yourself saves a lot of energy & time and the best part is that you don’t need to remember anything for you are acting as you are, rather you are not acting at all.

2. Respect Your Mentors.

It’s really hard to spend even a minute when Raghu, Rajeev or Ranvijay shouts at you or swears you like anything. But I have observed that it is always meaningful. So respect them. They don’t do so to get any personal frustration shower upon you. Sometimes, advise given with soft words doesn’t reach to us. We do need some hard words that do reach to the last cell of our brain. Raghu does it best. When he spots a participant faking something or not believing himself/herself, he simply shouts. But that’s not just a shout. It’s like, he is showing you the mirror and asking you to be brave enough to take a look. During such a situation, most of the persons would feel insulted and angry. In some interviews I have seen participants insulting the judges in return. That’s not done. They are mentors. They are trying to get best out of you. They are trying to get real YOU out of you. Actually, they are trying to HELP you. So respect them. Take it in a positive way. Thank them for taking you out of your comfort zone for the sake of your growth. It’s hard to find such mentors. So respect them.

3. Respect Or Success – chose wisely.

Roadies is show, a show, every participant wants to win, by hook or crook. But then, you need to think that what is your destination? Is it success, i.e. to win the show by doing anything like to cheat & by playing politics? OR to win it with grace, with respect? What does mean more to you – Success or Respect. It is quite obvious that those who have won the show or have moved further by simply keeping the success in mind and leaving respect aside, doesn’t receive respect at last even if they win. They are not remembered afterwards. All they bring home is the title of a winner of the show. But then there are those participants who have won the respect, if not the game, and they are remembered even after a period of few years. Avtar is a best example here. He had lost all his respect in Season 8 as his prime intention was to win the show by any means. He did hurt, cheated, insulted and did bad thing to win the show. Well, he couldn’t win the show nor respect. But then, he was invited again in Season X, where a moment came to win the respect. He walked out of the show though he was immune. He did so to keep his words. He saved Palak who was voted out, just because he had promised her that he would save her if situation arises. This made him receive respect.

Video – MTV Roadies X – Journey So far (Before Finale)


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