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OLX.in – Yaha Sab Kuchh Bikta Hai

Before you read this post, kindly watch the above video which is only 35 seconds but does talk a lot about for them who are fed up of their old items and wanting to find a way to sell it, and sell it at a good price. Well, this is when OLX comes in picture. It’s a free classified website in India which helps you get fair price for the product which is of no more use to you. It happens so smooth that you as a seller can talk directly with the buyer, decide a price and sell it. Just like that.

From mobiles phones to furniture, you can sell any item. It has multiple categories you can choose from. Best of all, it is quite easy and handy to put details of the item you want to sell. Just hit the button which says “Post a Free Ad”, fill up one easy form and you’re all set. Once you’ve submitted the details of the product you want to sell, a specific sales page is created, which is visible to buyers. Interested buyer needs to simply click on button which says ‘Reply to this Ad”, which consists of basic details such as message, name and e-mail address. Thus the seller receives the query. Also, you can put your cell number too directly on the selling page, and buyer can contact you directly on your cell. Isn’t that quick and easy?

Sample Sales Page (click on Image for larger view)

Sample Sales Page (click on Image for larger view)

Take a look this images of sales page. It is so simple to navigate. Imagine that you want to buy this product, which is a cell-phone, all you need to do is either submit the query form or simply give a call directly to the customer and work it out. There is no other hassle to go through.

OLX TV Campaign

OLX.in can be surfed state & city-wise too. It makes it more easy for the buyer and seller if they want to sell an item. They can first look for the item from their city only, so that if they get what they are looking for, the trouble of transportation becomes far easy.

If you want to submit multiple ads to OLX, it offers a partner program where in which you can send them your ads in XML or CSV format. They will submit them for free and your ads will be updated regularly.

One of the interesting things that I noticed on the site is that people are searching for “watch” more than anything else. Site has a feature called “Popular Searches”, where in which I saw different keywords related to watches.


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