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Jay Vasavada talking on Education & Earning with writing

‘Khichadi Education’ is the word Jay Vasavada uses in this confusing era for Gujarati parents where they need to chose whether to admit their kid in Medium Gujarati or Medium English.

He gives a detailed idea about the present education system in Gujarat. He talks about the situation of Gujarati schools as well as English schools. This would indeed be of little help to Gujarati parents.

Jay Vasavada

Moreover, he shares his views on earning in reference with profession of a writer. He talks about his passion of writing for which he quit an academic job.

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10 thoughts on “Jay Vasavada talking on Education & Earning with writing

  1. Excellent interaction.Sp about confused parents & khichdee education…
    I have come across number of parents, who enroll their child into My preschool’s English medium section, & proest strongly, when they find their 2.5 yr uttering a few gujarati words.They are so adament about ‘not’ teaching gujarati language…They fear that in rhe process, their kids would shun English, or may be not acquire english language skills.Again, I experience the vice-versa too where the child has been enrolled into my Preschool in Gujarati division!
    Once, a double graduate mother actually pointed out to us in protest about her child singing ‘Jana Gana Mana’, although he was enrolled in our english division.She demanded an explantion from me, as to why so..!!!

    1. I am one of the parents who fall under “confusing” state 😀 Being parent of a two year old son, I was wondering about choosing between Gujarati and English medium. Well, then I already took my decision which goes for Medium English. But JV’s analysis on both the mediums now makes me feel at ease. Something that bonafides my decision.

  2. Vicky says:

    love this post..je mate hu varso thi mara ghar ma ladu hu..e aaje vanchva madyu…Gujarati medu sathe sa mate distance..?? eng. ma edu. leva thi koi mahan nath thatu..thnx JV…:)

  3. @Devang:If asked,somehow,I suggest my school-parents to opt for English med.2 nd step, is to take proper care at home, (H.W.related,).I understand that parents are anxious if the Father is busy & the mother belongs to Guj Med.
    My advise is, just to sit besides the kid, with gd picture books, story books to begin with, then with his/her school books EVERYDAY, for abt 1.5 hrs.
    As, it is impossible to follow it everyday, at least u would sit for 5 days a wk, which is gd enough.
    If need be, do ask me further….I can go on & on.

    1. I suggest two options.. first one is personal and second one general.

      1. If I come to Baroda or you come to Rajkot, would like to listen about above stuff in detail.

      2. Write an exclusive article on this topic which answers such questions as well as you provide some practical tips on it.

      1. Sure, will do so…While we are at it, let me open up a pt of discussion…I am taking the liberty of floating a qs among readers/viewers:
        A young kid, who is still NOT reading letters–how shall we investigate if he/she has an eye-sight problem?
        I’ll answer this, after getting a few solutions frm readers…
        The intention is, to widen the knowledge-horizons of parents/gaurdians. 🙂

        1. I wish I knew. but I don’t.

          Would you?

  4. Sure:
    Sprinkle a few grains of rice on a tile (preferably dotted one,white background).Ask the child to pick all of them … Watch him closely.You’ll be able to judge at home, if there is a ‘vision-problem’. We perform it at my Preschool, when in doubt!

    1. This is amazing.

      What I’m thinking now is that, you may start writing such articles one by one, for the educational awareness. Write them with the ‘permanent value’ in mind, because if so, you can write say 30 articles, we can also publish it in form of a book at later stage.

      Think over it.

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