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Interview of Vinay Vadera, Shree Real Estate, Rajkot


Vinay Vadera is part of family business, Rajkot’s well-known and established real estate consultancy firm Shree Real Estate. They are into business since 1988.

Interview of Vinay Vadera, Shree Real Estate, Rajkot

Their services include:

  • Real estate consultancy(buy/sell/investment)
  • Joint investment
  • Legal documentation support
  • NRI investment & Services
  • Investment in Africa
  • Investment consultancy for Agriculture Land, Industrial plotting, Commercial property and residential properties.

They offer the “Joint Investment” facility for investors where more than one investor join together in a bigger project and share ROI accordingly.

Their vast experience in the field enables them to provide the beneficial guidance to real estate investors.

They believe in transparency where they guide their clients at the every state of property management.

Shree Real Estate has been successful since last 30 years due to their company ethics of transparency, Goodwill and trust.

In this interview, Vinay Vadera explains and provides information for investment in real estate, such as,

  • A brief introduction of Shree Real Estate
  • Legal aspects in real estate
  • Joint investment opportunities
  • Real estate investment opportunities in Rajkot
  • Services of N.R.I. clients
  • Rental investment opportunities in Africa
  • Reasons why clients do business with Shree Real Estate

We had interviewed Vasudevbhai Vadera, Founder of Shree Real Estate in the year 2012. And now we’re interviewing the second generation of business Vinay Vadera after 11 years.



Vinay Vadera

Mob. 98250 89890

Web: http://shreerealestate.com/


Real Estate Investment opportunities in Rajkot

Rajkot, located in the state of Gujarat, is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. With a population of over 1.8 million, Rajkot is a bustling commercial hub, and this presents a great opportunity for real estate investors. This article explores the various real estate investment opportunities in Rajkot.

One of the most significant advantages of investing in real estate in Rajkot is the city’s infrastructure. Rajkot is home to an international airport, and the government has plans to expand it even further, making it a gateway to other parts of India and the world. Additionally, the city is slated to get a metro rail system, which will help to ease traffic congestion and make commuting easier for residents.

Another advantage of investing in real estate in Rajkot is the lower property prices compared to other major cities in Gujarat. With the increasing demand for housing in the city, it is an excellent opportunity for investors to buy properties at a lower price and wait for their value to increase over time. Property values in Rajkot have been increasing consistently, making it an excellent investment opportunity for both short-term and long-term investors.

The city’s proximity to several major industrial hubs is also an added advantage for real estate investors. Rajkot is home to several major industries, including the automobile, ceramics, and textile industries. This has led to a high demand for residential and commercial properties in areas close to these industries, making it an ideal location for real estate investment.

Furthermore, Rajkot’s thriving tourism industry presents another investment opportunity for real estate investors. The city is home to several historical landmarks, temples, and other tourist attractions. Investing in properties that cater to tourists can provide a high return on investment, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Lastly, the city’s growing population is another factor that makes Rajkot an attractive destination for real estate investment. The city has a high influx of people moving in for work and business opportunities. This has led to a high demand for housing and commercial spaces, making it an excellent opportunity for investors to capitalize on this growing demand.

In conclusion, investing in real estate in Rajkot presents a promising opportunity for investors. The city’s growing population, infrastructure development, lower property prices, and thriving industries make it an ideal destination for real estate investment. With a range of residential and commercial properties available, investors have a vast array of options to choose from, making it an attractive destination for both local and international investors.


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