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Interview of Ad-Man Naynesh Parekh of ASCENT by Vikas Rajpopat

Vikas Rajpopat Interviewing Naynesh Parekh

Still from video: Vikas Rajpopat Interviewing Naynesh Parekh

In this exclusive interview taken by Vikas Rajpopat for SpeakBindas, Mr. Naynesh Parekh shares his journey of imparting knowledge of Advertising. This knowledge of advertising is not at all boring as he shares interesting behind the stories of milestone Television commercials of India.

Video Interview of Naynesh Parekh

About Mr. Naynesh Parekh

The ad-man Naynesh Parekh has come a long way in his advertising career. His channel takes viewers to a world where advertising magic is created. Story telling of thirty seconds may be perceived as entertainment creative, is a very complex process for creative agency and marketer.

As a story teller, he has generated many marks. He has created many success stories as a Sales & Marketing guy starting from entry level position to Senior Leadership – working with conglomerates. He trains, lecture, and handle workshops for management students aspiring career in advertising. His deep insights into mythology and science of colours, engages audience to a next level. The most common element he possess in his entire journey is story telling. A story behind the story is his most favourite.

As humans, we crave a sense of belonging. It’s in our DNA and an existential need. We want to be around people and organizations that are like us and share our values and beliefs so much that we form communities and cultures based on mutual values and beliefs, which inversely breeds a sense of trust and relationship. This feeling only comes from having a common set of beliefs and values.

To build trust and a relationship between you and your customers — one must be able to articulate brand values and aspirations to customers that share the same or similar values in simple and clear terms. When one promotes products or services to customers that share the same belief and values, it creates communities and a sense of belonging. Products then become a symbol of shared beliefs.

I have selected few ads to share their story behind the story, that have been loved, cherished and watched and talked about always.


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