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Piyush Goel – an ocean of talent

 These are the Lines which always Motivate Piyush Goel मैथिलीशरण गुप्त नर न निराश करो मन को  नर न निराश करो मन को  कुछ काम करो, कुछ काम करो  जग में रहकर कुछ नाम करो Robert Frost The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises...
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600 Caricatures in One Frame By Piyush Goel

Recently Piyush Goel made an Amazing Things to the World “600 Caricatures in One Frame” of 36 by 23 inches White Paper,personalities are Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Atal Bihari Vajpayee ,Chandra Shekar V.P.Singh, Mulayam Singh Yada, Mayawati, Soniya Gnadhi, Rahul Gandhi, Raj Nath Singh etc. With Full Creativity...
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Five Books Written In Five Ways

1.Mirror Imaged Shree Mad BhagvadGita (Pen) Piyush Goel has a unique art, he can write words in mirror image. Piyush Goel can write words in mirror image in two languages Hindi and English. He has completed “World First Mirror Image Book Shreemad BhagvadGita”, all 18 chapters, 700 verses in...
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