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10 Tips How to Win Knock Out Trivia

Here are ten great suggestions to success.

Be sure to read them all!

1. Read the question properly.

Too often the questions will seem one way and at the end be something completely different. This is why reading the question, even if it takes a few more seconds, is absolutely necessary to success. You will make up the time in reading with better and better scores.

2. Eliminate clearly wrong answers first.

Any multiple choice test will have distractors that are going to be clearly wrong. If it is a question you do not know anything about, you can still use the elimination technique to help find the correct answer. Chances are you may only eliminate two answers, but a 50 percent chance is better than a 25 percent chance. You can use your lifelines for the last answer choice to get a fully correct answer.

Consider this: The question was referring to an airline’s slogan specifically. The answer choices were easily recognizable as a cereal, chocolate drink mix and cigarette company. The only choice that made logical sense was the one that was left.

This is assuming that English is a first language or one that is well understood. For those who are not English fluent, it is understandable if there is a struggle or a miscommunication in a translation service. Excepting this, there is no reason why anyone cannot be successful.

3. Keep calm.

Ramping up your blood pressure and adrenaline will make your brain shift into a primal survival mode. This shift will keep you from making the best possible decision. Anxious feelings will also limit your oxygen to your brain, starving it of the ability to think and react clearly, correctly and quickly.

This is backed with scientific fact, by the way.

4. First impression is the best.

More often than not, and likely as high as 90 percent of the time, your first guess will be the correct guess. This can mean the difference between a first place win and a second place runner-up.

If you have a best guess, do not change it. This can be a snowball effect into loosing confidence in your game and yourself. It is not what you want to do when playing. Go with your instincts.

5. Learn from your mistakes.

Learning Knock Out Trivia takes time. The best players in the world were at one time at the exact same place you are now. They took licks from their mistakes, but they used these mistakes as learning opportunities. Consider the word F.A.I.L. – First Attempt In Learning. This works equally well in life and Knock Out Trivia.

6. Have some confidence in yourself.

Trivia players are smart; you are a trivia player. Put the two together and realize this. Confidence is a part of this. Do not think you won’t win, but instead think about how each time you play will increase your knowledge and understanding of the game, trivia and competitive edge.

7. Quitters never win, winners never quit.

You have seen this plenty of times in the SFI world. 70 percent of players are knocked out in the first few questions, and they do not buy back into the game. Winners are buying back in, using lifelines and TC’s to get to the top of the game.

They also don’t quit. You should not either.

8. Don’t blame the winners.

All people are not created equally, so all trivia players are not either. This does not mean you are not good at trivia, only that you have a different skill set than others. After all, do you want people speaking ill of you when you begin to win and be successful because of hard work, dedication and increased knowledge?

9. Don’t blame geography.

Most of the questions are going to be generic subjects that are not geographically-specific. Math, science, space, common foods, plants and animals are the most likely question choices. Any geography like questions will be general and certainly something many will have a full understanding. These will also be distributed fairly across the games for all players.


Knock Out Trivia is supposed to be fun. If it is not fun, don’t play. Concentrate on the rewards: the VP’s, MRP’s and Double MRP’s. TCredits are perfect for beingshort on EA for the month. Focus on this, and the winning will come with time.


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