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10 Winter Accessories Every Girl Would Love This Winter

Winter is the best time for braving all the kinds of colors that seemed too dark for spring or summer or even autumn. With the increase in the cold and crisp air, your need of clothing increases too. But your winter wardrobe doesn’t end at coats and sweaters. When the brutal wind’s blowing from every side, you need to accessorize in a way that will protect you from the biting cold but will also keep your class and sass. You can purchase these accessories online by using uniqlo coupon code to avail huge discounts. Here are the 10 best winter accessories that’ll make you the queen of winter, period.


Fight off the chills in this playful knit beanie. Beanies are the ultimate winter accessory a girl could own. Wear it with your favorite sweater and jeans for a date to the ice rink or use it to dress down your NYE dress, they are versatile as that. A perfect mix of sexy and cute, a simple yet chic beanie is perfect for staying toasty all winter long.


A classy pair of leather gloves can be paired up with power-lady suits and date-night cocktail dresses to casual jackets and sweaters and jeans. While keeping you incredibly warm, leather gloves add perfect sass to your outfit, giving you the much-craved for badass vibe.


A playful earmuff is what you need to complete your look with winter. While they give you a super cool look, they won’t screw up your updo as a hat will. Furry and slightly oversized earmuffs are the total trend this winter. Give them a try and you won’t be able to stop yourself from using them every winter. If you are looking for something totally off the edge to try this winter, earmuffs are a way to go. These adorable winter accessories are the trickiest to get right, but if it turns out well for you, you will never regret buying them in the first place. If you want to stay warm without forfeiting style, grab some cute ear muffs and you are good to go.


Take a chic, oversized scarf with you wherever you go and amp up your standard jeans and sweater brunch outfit in seconds. The oversized scarves are the season’s hip accessory. Being super versatile, they look amazing worn like a normal scarf around the neck or draped over your shoulders like a poncho, cape or shawl. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns available ranging from splash prints, solid colors to animal prints.


Warm wintry tights are a must-have when the temperature drops. Swap your typical black go-to pair with a pair of soft and stretchy ones instead that will keep you warm as well as make your dresses look classier. You can rock them with everyday dresses and skirts and add just a dash of style to your ensemble without overpowering it.


A pair of knee-high socks will keep your legs nice and warm—simply slip them on before your winter boots. Plus, they’ll look super cool peeking out a bit at the top. Pair ‘em up with your plaid skirts and you’re ready to win over winter.


This snug and classy accessory will provide you warmth all winter long and will amp up your panache. Cashmere gloves go along with every winter outfit and you can rock them any color you wish.


These cute yet nifty hats bring the retro glamour back. If you have long hair, you can experiment with your look by tying your hair in a ponytail with a beret on top. If you have short hair you can pull a beret off in a super cool yet chic way. They will keep you warm and are the perfect way to go for effortless style and will definitely quench your thirst to look like a Parisian.


While beanies are all the heat in winter, give a baker-boy a hat this season. Baker-boy hats are the perfect winter accessory for every outfit out there as they combine casual with charm and intensify your whole look. They’ll definitely keep you warm in the cold and give your look a cute edge.


If your wardrobe is missing the fascinating and eye-catching dimension, you definitely need a cool pair of fingerless gloves. The best part about fingerless gloves is that you no longer have to struggle with your mobile, bag or any other gadget, which makes it a pretty practical concept. Invest in some cute, cool fingerless gloves and when donned correctly, they are sure to highlight your whole look by making it super stylish. Try these must-have accessories this winter to don a chic look.


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