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2 Websites About Dream Interpretations

We see dreams, almost every night. Most of the time, when we wake up, we don’t remember the dream in detail. But sometimes dreams are so strong that, even after we are out of bed, our mind is occupied with the highlights of the dream. There is a science of dream, which tells that every dream has a meaning. What you see and what you experience in dream has a meaning and sometimes a message related to your future. Well, I came across two such websites where in which you can get the interpretation of your dream.

1. http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/

This is an A to Z dream dictionary. You can search by letter. For example, if you saw rain in the dream, you can click on the “R” and find out what does it mean seeing rain in the dream.

2. http://astrology.raftaar.in/Astro/Dream-Meaning/

Almost same site but with difference that the words are given in Hindi language too. So useful for Indians.

Take a look at this table. You can click on the words which relates to your dream. Each word will have other sub-words. And then there will be a one-line meaning or interpretation of your dream.

It’s fun to know what does your dream mean.

So what dream did you see last night?


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2 thoughts on “2 Websites About Dream Interpretations

  1. bhogi gondalia says:

    good info ..
    1st website 1. http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary has moved and does not open .. it says The page you are trying to access has moved or does not exist.

    1. There was a typo-error. My apologies. It’s working now. Please check.
      thank for drawing my attention.

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