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2012 Prophecy



The world, these days is talking about year 2012 and controversies, both scientific and non-scientific associated with it. Let’s take a look at the 2012 prophecy in detail.

2012 Mayan Calendar

Also known as Maya Calendar is a system used by the ancient Maya civilization. According to 2012 mayan prophecies it is predicted in Mayan Calendar that the earth will end on December 21, 2012. The calculation behind this figure is based upon the length o the lunar moon which according to them is 329.53020 days and 34 seconds.

Nostradamus and 2012

Nostradamus is known for his forecasting that he has done centuries back, some of them believed to be so true. The last book of Nostradamus was recently analyzed and it was found that through some of the tables that he has illustrated with enigmatic drawings point to the year 2012.

His drawings cover alignment of our solar system with the center of the galaxy that takes place every (about) 13,000 years. Last time was 11, 000 years before Christ, date in which the last glaciation ended inexplicably and when Plato estimates the disappearance of Atlantis.

Now we get this additional confirmation. This is confirmed by science which witnesses sudden extinctions, by ancient peoples like Maya and Egyptians, ancient legacy of a perhaps unknown and lost civilization.

The havoc created by the 2012 predictions is such strong that some people now have started believing in it. Surviving 2012 is the talk of groups where they think of various ways to be the last living legend on earth. And it is quite surprising to know that these days people are searching on internet for ‘2012 survival groups.’ Everybody feels like, they will remain unharmed! Believing 2012 as end of world may lead to various mental disturbances too. Some psychiatrists say that is a Mass Phobia that is covering more humans each day with different theories.

And to entertain the 2012 fear and phobia of people, a new movie by name ‘2012’ is to be released which circles around the same concept.



2012 movie trailer is below.

This 2012 prophecy is so strong that, people are searching for various related stuffs on search engines like Google like 2012 doomsday, 2012 end of world prophecy, Nostradamus 2012 end of world, 2012 doomsday prophecy, 2012 predictions, astronomy 2012 and lots more.

And should I tell you one more interesting thing about 2012 havoc? Some people have written and started selling-off books on ‘2012 Survival Guide.’!

Some of the 2012 related videos.

So what’s your take on this whole 2012 prophecy?


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2 thoughts on “2012 Prophecy

  1. Chirag says:


    This was detected before 15hrs only! If it were > 25m in size and if it were speeding, we wouldn’t have a chance but to witness! And do you think that we can crash such massive object? Instead we would witness top officials hiding in remote areas!!!

  2. Kristi says:

    There is a REALLY informative presentation I watched about this topic. I will look it up and post the link (totally forgot the guys name) anyways- he is a scientist. He compiled all of the scientific evidence of this and then started compiling all of the ancient prophecies regarding the matter. It was REALLY eye opening. He explained the history of our planet backed up with scientific data- to show us that this kind of thing has happened before. I can’t even explain it, it was just REALLY fascinating. I will come back and post the link this evening.

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