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A proclaimed kids site has a topless ad on its homepage



I am a random net surfer. For instance, if I am visiting your blog, there are sure chances that I will jump on to your BlogRoll links, and from there their BlogRoll links. Weirdly, sometimes what happens is that, say I’m Googling for something. From the result search pages, what happens is that, I jump on to a totally different page which is not related to my search query.

It’s like a nonstop non-tiring mind I possess, which goes anywhere, anytime. And I am pretty much sure that I AM NOT ALONE! 🙂

Anyway, on such a random surfing hour, I landed on a website whose title claims the site to be an “Indian Kids Portal.” The content of the site is totally diverse and not JUST kids stuff. It has movie trailer video section, travel section, Festivals and many other things. (I believe, even kids like everything!)

But that’s not the point I am here to discuss. I saw an Ad banner (which is provided by Google Adsense), of a travel company, which has a topless model on it! Of course, I wasn’t shocked that much as her only sideback was visible, not the front one (Buddies, don’t you sigh!), but still for a site claiming it to be a Kids Portal, this was really annoying. I mean, what if a Kid visits the site and finds this ad on homepage? And surprisingly, there were 3 instances of the same banner on homepage.

The top image is the screenshot of the same (Click on for a fuller view). Name of site is 4to40.com

I don’t intend to mean that it’s a fault of site owner. Nor it’s a fault of Adsense. Rather, it’s a coincidence. Just that it came to my notice and sharing over here with you.

What do you think of this matter?


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