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An Endless Expanse of Tea- Munnar for the First Time Traveler

First Vacation With My Friends Over the past three years, I have made a couple of really good friends in the online community. Sometimes, it feels like we are long-lost best friends! However, this friendship had been virtual all this while. It was only recently that we decided to finally meet up with one another. Of the three of us, one is from Kerala, and it was she who suggested that we visit and meet each other in Munnar – a beautiful hill station in her state. It would be a meetup, as well as our first vacation together. I had heard a lot of good things about the place, so I thought it was a great plan, and consequently went ahead with it. My friend from Kerala made all the arrangements necessary for our stay there. She booked a room in a hotel well in advance. When we reached and finally met one another, we behaved like excited little school girls. We couldn’t believe we were finally meeting after years of talking on the phone. Soon we checked in to our hotel room, freshened up, ordered some room service, and caught up with each other. We decided against doing anything much for that particular day, and instead rested well and got ourselves recharged and ready for the next day. Exploring Munnar for the Very First Time The next morning, my friend suggested that we avail a reliable car rental with driver in Munnar. We thought that would be the best way to get exploring this wonderful hill station. After we had our breakfast, we headed out for the day. We started our journey with a visit to Blossom International Park. This is a popular tourist spot in Munnar, is definitely a must-see. The Park looked ethereal with all the colourful blooms around. There are a wide range of exotic plants here, each different from the other, in colour, fragrance, blooming season, or fragrance. The Park covers a huge area, spread across an area of almost 15-16 acres. Apart from this, we also decided to go boating in the park. It was quite exciting! After the Park, we stopped by at the Pothamedu View Point. It is a superb vantage point towering over the lush scenic beauty of Munnar. The hill station looks like something straight out of a fairytale. We stood there for some time, taking in all the richness and wonder of this natural beauty. We also took some really great photographs on the spot, several of which made it to our respective social media accounts. Next, we went to Lockhart Gap, which is actually a ‘heart-shaped gap between two nearby mountains. This too is a vantage point, but so different from the Pothamedu View Point. Everything around you is covered in greenery and it feels like you are inside a painter’s imagination. At least that was how I was feeling at the moment! Next, we went to Attukad Waterfalls, which was easily one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever been to, in my life. And I have been to quite a few, to say the least. What made it so different was the rugged rocks and terrains which surrounded the waterfall, making it a popular spot amongst trekkers. Munnar and Tea – a Love Saga If you are in Munnar, you cannot but acknowledge the beautiful expanse of tea plantation that it boasts of. When in Munnar, you have to stop by these tea plantations and visit at least once. We went to the Tea Museum at the ‘Kannan Devan Hill Plantation’. There is a company by the same name, which is now the ‘largest tea corporate in South India’. There, we learned so much more about how this whole love saga of tea and Munnar started years ago. We also got to witness the A to Z of the tea production process in the museum. From plucking the right kind and size of leaves, to getting them ready for sale- the museum gives a tour of the entire process. I made it a point to bring back some tea from Munnar as souvenirs for my friends and family. Getting Back to Everyday Life The whole day around the hill station was so much fun. Also, being with my friends, who I had met for the very first time, made it only better. However, this trip was only two days long, and the next day, the three of us had to return to our lives. The next morning, I made sure I book a reliable Munnar taxi service to get to the Cochin International Airport well ahead of my boarding time. I bade my friends goodbye, and we promised to meet again soon!


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