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Aren’t We Nothing But Just A Biological Existence?

The title might sound atheist but, then on a second thought, doesn’t it look like that we – humans – are nothing but biological existence only, just like plants, water and other animals of the planet? There are few points that I would like discuss in support to this theory.

1. Existence of God

We believe in different kinds of God. We have different sorts of religions to follow like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism etc. Every religion has its set of rules to follow which do lead to enlightenment, reaching to God, heaven etc. But then if you look at it in a scientific way, i.e. if you go on asking for proof for their theories (keeping faith aside), what you really get is nothing. I mean, we do get bunch of wordly theories that do support the teachings of various scriptures and beliefs but it doesn’t help a person to really believe in it. Isn’t it just a mental proposition then? If there is God, in the first place, what is the need of more than one religions? If there is God, then why there is diversity in different religions? If there is God, then why do people of different religions are sometimes found to be hating each other just because they follow different religions?

Does God really exist? Who can answer this question in a practical way? I know that there are numerous answers given in various scriptures to this question, which asks you to follow the path with FAITH. But then, isn’t it just like blindly believing something? Isn’t it just being hypnotized? If there is God, why can’t we see him in real?

I do believe that all the Gods were nothing but individuals like us, who did something great in their time, and then they died. And that’s all. Their death was just like a death of a common man. Well, some of the so called Gods like Krishna, Jesus, Mohammad died the death of a hero. But that’s not enough to consider them as God and believe that they still exist even after their death. In that case, there are many other people who died the heroic death. We don’t call them Gods, then why them?

In most of the religions, we do follow scriptures. Like, in Hinduism we have Bhagwad Gita, Ramayan, Mahabharat etc., in Islam, we have Koran (Quran), in Christianity we have The Bible. Can not we think about such scriptures in terms of mere books written by well versed authors of those time? And then, after a gap of centuries, they were turned into scriptures from books. Doesn’t this theory make a sense?

If there is God, where does he live? Believers have an answer that the God lives in heaven and that sort of separate invisible place, which we can’t see. The theory of Atma says that God lives in each of us. The supreme-soul lives in all the souls. But there is no mechanism to prove it. We haven’t even been able to prove the existence of soul. It’s just a matter of myth. Nobody has seen it with naked eyes. I have read about some experience carried over by some scientists over a dying man. They packed his body in a bullet-proof cabin and wanted to see if anything goes out of it when he dies. Stories say that a part of the cabin was broken when the person died! Well, I then tried finding more about this incident and found that it is nothing but a factless rumour. There are no solid supporting claims that do prove this incident. So the question still remains even about the existence of soul.

So, in this case, I came to believe that we are nothing but a simple bodily existence which is created as part of biological events and then is destroyed the same way, just like a machine. Every machine has its age. Yes, you can repair it several times, but then a time comes when it’s finished. Just like this, our body is nothing but a biological machine which falls sick and we repair it with medicines but then a time comes and it vanishes forever. There is nothing like a soul in it. It’s just gone forever. Do you think that am I making a sense here? If not, what are your reasons to not to believe in what I’m saying?

2. Plants and human body is just similar

A plant is created with a seed. Then as per its existence, it grows big or small and then after a period of some months or years it’s just gone. It doesn’t have a past-life or an after-life. So is our human body. I really don’t believe that there is anything like a past-life or an after-life. The body is created just like a plant, and then it is no more just like an old tree’s existence is over. Yes, I have read several stories on a person remembering his past-life and re-visiting places where he was in his past-life. I have seen some documentaries too on this subject, but then, it really doesn’t make sense because none of them was really powerful in terms of reasoning. Or, I believe more in a theory that our human brain is so powerful that sometimes due to internal mechanism it can develop such extra-ordinary powers. But it’s no big deal. Just like a tree gives fruits, our brain sometimes can give such fruits. We don’t consider a mango tree giving mangoes as an extra-ordinary act, do we? It’s the purpose of its existence. So the similar way, as our brain has its own powers, it can sometimes develop such outstanding powers.

3. After life and theory of Ghost

Aah! this is again a fantastic stuff – ghosts. People find it fancy because it gives them thrills. And that’s it. There is no valid and authentic sources that do prove the existence of ghosts, in other words souls that roam around us after a person’s death. Yes, I have seen various documentaries too on this subject like Haunted, Paranormal Investigation etc. but it really doesn’t make sense because there has not been any visible proofs. People who claim to have seen ghosts mostly seem like having had some delusions regarding such incidents, and that’s it. There is nothing beyond “delusions” in the theory of Ghosts. I have even surfed Youtube and other similar sites regarding the same and found plenty of stuff like ‘real ghost photo’, ‘real ghost video’ etc, but they gave me nothing but a laugh. It’s all fake. Two of my close friends have told me about their experience of seeing a ghost! Well, they are my friends so they won’t lie to me. But still I don’t believe in this stuff because they have nothing to prove it to me. So, the theory of ‘after-life’ too is out of question here.

I can keep on writing on and on about this topic like taking subjects as temples, churches, ashrams, religious rituals, multi-million dollar business of occult sciences & spirituality, Gurus, exorcism, religious sects etc. but, if  you have at least realized what I’m trying to say by above reasoning, I would like to make it a two-way communication with you, so that even I can know what’s going on at your end.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

One thought on “Aren’t We Nothing But Just A Biological Existence?

  1. Jigar Patel says:


    Well done with putting in words such complex questions that many of us keep asking ourselves but can hardly articulate them like you did. Kudos!

    I absolutely agree with your thought that we are just another version of a plant. Everything has a life cycle and so do we. We exist just like everything else, we will go away just like everything else–that is all–as simple as that.

    Now, as far as the question about God’s existence is concerned—we will never get an absolute, clean answer to that.

    You stated that, “if you go on asking for proof for their theories (keeping faith aside)….we do get bunch of wordly theories….but it doesn’t help a person to really believe in it”. Your last statement “but it doesn’t help a person to really believe in it” is a key because, if there were any scientific proofs of God’s existence, there would be no place for ‘belief’. A fact and a belief are two mutually exclusive terms for me–the existence of one is the absence of the other.

    If we were to somehow find the proof that there is a God and/or ghosts, we would simply lose the ‘belief’ factor. Imagine a world, where everything is scientifically proven and all is nothing but fact. No beliefs, and no ifs. Well, to many it would be ideal and to many it would be unacceptable.

    Let’s keep believing…because even science has to believe in something before it can go and prove it. Today science believes it can find a cancer or AIDS cure, but the reality is that they haven’t found it yet.

    Maybe someday God will pop out of no where and say…”Sorry guys, i was sleeping…whats up.”


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