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Art of Diffetent Saree Draping Styles

India is popular to have authentic dresses and costumes from the past. Saree always reflects woman’s femininity and traditional outlook. The saree is also mentioned in our mythology and other ancient books, making it a vital part of our culture. It is considered that saree preserves a woman’s modesty. It is basically a long piece of cloth that is wrapped around a woman’s body. It can be worn in various ways.

Every Indian women know how to wear a saree but the various styles to drape a saree bring a captivating look which is something all ladies find interesting. There are different methods to wear a saree in styles and concepts of a specific theme clothing, Saree draping can be very much interesting.

Things to do before draping a saree:

Wear a petticoat perfectly that is used to drape a saree firmly. It helps to hold the saree properly to your waist. Choose a right kind of blouse that match with the color and the design. Always keep a safety pin with you to pin up the pleats.

Different Saree Draping Styles

1. Nivi Style Saree Draping:

It is the most simplest way to wear a saree, which came from Andhra Pradesh. If you are very much new to it, then this draping style will be much easier for you. In this technique, the saree is fully draped and the anchal or pallu is perfectly pinned to the shoulder in an graceful pleated format. There are mainly two methods to wear a saree in Nivi style, they are modern nivi and kacchanivi. The modern nivi style refers to simple drape with pallu pinned to the shoulder and the other method kacchanivi is the method where pleates pass through the legs and insert into the back of the waist. This helps to move your legs freely.

2. Bengali saree draping style:

Bengali ladies always look charming in saree. The Bengali saree draping style is very easy to adapt though you have to choose this style in special occasions. It is a method where two wide pleats and a waist key ring with keys to hold down the double-wrapped anchal or pallu. In this style following steps are involved.
Bring internal part around the waist clockwise, and hitch at right midsection.
Bring the free end-piece to right waist and tuck in.
Toss free end of sari on right shoulder.
Overlap the anchal and hurl it over the left shoulder from the front side.

3. South Indian saree draping style:

This style is unique in relation to most others favored by Indian ladies. South Indian sarees are generally longer than any other sarees of India and ladies don’t use petticoat because of the extra length. It will undoubtedly make you look one of a kind among the crowd if you wear a nose ring with it.

4. Mermaid style saree draping:

This style is perfect to flaunt your curvy look. You can choose this style in any occasion be it a wedding ceremony or evening parties. The lower part of the saree is hung to look more like a skirt and gives a thinning look to the ladies. Steps of marmaid style saree draping are as follows:

Begin by inserting one end of the saree inskirt and wrap a full round.
Take the flip side and make pallu pleats.
Hold the pleats and bring it to the front from around the back and put it over the right shoulder.
Let the pallu hang in such a way that it falls over the floor.
Then take the anchal from inner pleat corner and bring it to the front from around the back.
Now hold the corner and stick it underneath the waist, underneath the pallu.

5. Retro look with Mumtaz style saree draping:

We all remembered Mumtaz’s saree draping style in “Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar ke Charche” song from the movie Brahamchari!. The gorgeous bollywood diva gave a ravishing look to the traditional wear, which is still popular as Mumtaz Sari. This draping style is quite easy to execute. This style involved draping the saree firmly around the lower part of the body many times. If you want to flaunt your curve, choose this style without any hesitation.

6. Contemporary neck wrap saree draping style:

This is another very unique way of saree draping where you have to wrap the pallu around your neck like an accessory. If you are finding regular saree draping styles are less impressive then you can try this style to give a refreshing look.

7. Butterfly saree draping style:

Revamp your looks by wearing sarees in butterfly style. It is quite similar to modern nivi style, the major difference is the thin pallu. First, you have to wear the saree as nivi style, then you have to make thin pleat and pin the thin pallu to the left shoulder so that the navel or waist become visible. Wear a dazzling blouse with minimal accessories to flaunt your glamour.

8. Rajrani saree draping style:

If you want to add a royal touch to your look, then you should know about this style. This style would make you look more graceful. Rajrani is a variety of the Gujarati saree draping style. You need to follow these steps

Hold one end of the Saree and tuck it tightly in the petticoatat the center.
Now wrap the Saree around, bring it to the front & drape it neatly.
Now, take the Pallu from behind, bring it to the front and make equal pleats. The drop it on your right-shoulder, the remaining loose end being a little above your knee.
Pin it up on your right shoulder perfectly.
Hold the Saree in the middle part and make 7-8 pleats.
Lastly, take the Pallu end and stick it on the left shoulder to make a V-shaped design.

Generally speaking the saree is one such clothing that combines grace and glamour. According to various events and necessities women wear sarees in different manners. Hope this article will make you aware about different draping style.


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