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Best way to prepare for a US immigration interview

Best way to prepare for a US immigration interview

Immigration interview is one of the penultimate stages of immigrating to another country. Immigration interviews are often seen by many as a very tasking examination that requires adequate preparation. Most people fail at the interview because of common reasons. Most of these reasons are things that people do not feel is important. When going for an interview, one should never ignore any caution, i.e. one should be cautious of almost everything. Below are some things that could help before going for an immigration interview:

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  1. Punctuality: apart from immigration interviews, punctuality is very important in all areas of life. Research has shown that over 70% of people who pass interviews are those who get to the interview before the scheduled time. Being punctual gives one the opportunity to ruminate on the scheduled plan for the interview, and it also gives one the opportunity to get calm. When going for an interview, it is important not be in a hurry while preparing for the interview so that any important document won’t be forgotten as it happens in a lot of cases. It is also important to get to the interview venue at least 30 minutes to the scheduled time so as to be able to feel comfortable and also familiarize oneself with the environment. The worst case of getting late to the interview venue is missing the interview, which means loss of money since there won’t be refund.
  1. Be calm: It is notable that most people do not stay calm during the interview; most times, it is because of fear of not getting the visa or the fear of the interviewer. Being weary during an interview is a very bad attitude because it gives a lot of bad impression to the interviewer. Not being calm during the interview may give the interviewer the impression that you are lying or you used an altercated or fake document. Most interviewers are good at psychology, and if they notice any form of unrest, they will conclude that one is a liar, thus hindering one’s interview success. Also,the tendering of documents may not prove your true intention. Therefore, courage and calmness is the way forward.
  2. Use of interpreter: Many people who do not speak English always experience a lot of difficulties while going through the US interview because most interviewers speak English. In most cases, people in this category always fail the interview due to poor communication. In cases where someone who cannot speak English has to be at a US immigration interview, it is always advisable to bring an interpreter who speaks English along. The interpreter should not necessarily be a professional interpreter. The interpreter can be a close relative or friend. By doing that, the interview will be smooth as there will be good communication between the individual and the interviewer. Bringing an interpreter even shows how serious or how important the interview is to you.
  3. Medical Check Up: Medical emergencies do occur at interview venues; for example, it is very common to see asthmatic people getting rushed to clinics due to the stuffy environment. It is possible that there is a stuffy atmosphere at the venue of the interview due to the crowd. It is very important to go for medical checkups at most a week before the interview so as to be aware of any medical attention is needed before the interview. Many people have failed their immigration due to medical problems. There have been many cases of people who have concussions, asthma problem, etc. before the interview and thereby end up not being able to go for the interview. If such persons have carried out medical checkups before the interview, there is a possibility that such occurrences would not have happened.

It is always advisable to make use of an immigration attorney when going for an interview. Immigration lawyers are experts when it comes to immigration; they know the right thing to do as at when due. This is why it is very advantageous when you have an immigration lawyer with you before going for the interview as he or she will be able to assist you in preparing for the interview — also a good immigration lawyer with the guild you on how to answer questions at the interview. The immigration lawyer is allowed by law to follow you to the venue of the interview, which will show to the interviewers how determined you are to get the visa and how much you need the visa. Having an immigration lawyer with you is also a good way of building your ego; having an immigration expert beside you gives you the morale to answer questions correctly without panicking. Having an immigration lawyer will also give the impression that you have authentic documents to the interviewer.


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