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Blowing in the Wind

You never know the reason despite of your tremendous efforts to get the cause of why there remains certain moments in the course of life that carve its niche in the memory so hard that it becomes too difficult to forget it in a life time and why others and most of the moments just passes without leaving a trace!

Just remind of some person who hold upmost or little importance in your life & you will be surprised to know that you only remind very specific moments shared with them & other moments even though spent with them just vanishes!

What’s so special about those moments that even without any conscious or unconscious effort to ‘make it a moment for a lifetime’ it turns itself in to it? And why you can’t hold other moments even by holding it too firm in the mind for a long?

It must have something to do with that specific point of time than to with the persons engaged with it!

One such specific moment, well I’d like to call it event, is frozen in my mind but most like others I am not treating it like a Fossil but nourishing it like a living past. In a way back to a year, That was yet another ordinary day, being more precise normal college day, without being encountered by anything to make it special YET.

I found my self sitting alone on one of the chairs arranged in crooked way or might they have left as it was without even arranging? Who knows? But I took the first case as I had an impression for the owner of canteen that he was meticulous.

It was really most appropriate place to be as always jugged up with a lot of persons, fragrances, laughs, hugs, smiles, sights, and coffees! From very morning I was in vary sluggish form as there was nothing to make me electrified! So I decided to unwind in canteen and boost up my mood. All of a sudden vary pleasant silence on my surrounding chairs was messed up without any remorse with heavy sound, noise is more preferable, of some ‘metallica’ songs that guys next to me were playing on their mobile. Electric guitars being played in such disorderly fashion along with yelling and shouting that it made me ultimately so desperate that I couldn’t be willing to be there to bear that torture anymore!

Although I am not conservative in terms of music but this is something that I can’t agree with especially when I am inclined towards subtle music that’s badged with the names of Giants of western classical music! I was wondering what makes them create such a morbid music! I was really amazed to witness the extreme delight they ware having on hearing that cacophony piece of sound and I thought what would have happened if these guys were forced to hear the most accolade gained pieces of classical music?

I left my speculation for the future and started finishing my remaining sips of the coffee just to move out. While I was about to drag the chair backwards I listened something startling that it just made me fix over there. I couldn’t believe the fact that it was actually coming from the mobile of those whom I considered lovers of disfigured beauty! As it started airing I was floating with it with my all the emotions, all the beats, all the sensations and all the surprise! The surprise came from the fact that same guitars that aggravated my disappointment can render me to something that is most innate and dearest to me!

It was the Guitar version of the Symphony I loved the most! The same melody reminded me at that very moment of how I labored terribly hard to get the ‘title’ of it when I heard it first time!

All the past memories were surfacing in order to be linked together and create a wonderful story!

It all was started about eighteen or twenty months back when I was doing nothing at all in my room but hearing all the fussy gossips created and distributed by the room-mates (heaven knows how I restrained my self not to use word ‘room-mite’ though they deserves to be called). As usually I was facing it in my leisure and pleasure!

In few seconds before being picked up by the friend the tone of it had cut me too deep! I was spellbound with the ringtone of it though I had got the chance to hear it only for few moments. The moment he hanged up I gave him a call just to hear the Ringtone! I heard it and heard it and heard it till they got fade up with it and snatched my mobile to get rid of constant ringing.

The only clue I could get at that time of that tone was it was named -”Mozart”. I didn’t realized at that time that it will squeeze me totally while searching for the actual work of Mozart on which that ringtone was based, though I was aware of the fact that It’s a Herculean task to search for exact melody from the thousands of the tones/sounds/symphonies/pastiches/partitas/suites/choirs and all alike associated with Mozart.

Still I was not ready to quit no matter how long it will take to get the actual work on which that “Heavenly Ring Tone” was based! I poured my all the efforts on searching for that on sites that might treasure the works of Mozart. Different sources, different sites, hundreds of options and thousands of confusion! At a moment I had to sit with mobile just to match the tone of it with what I was getting from the sites! It left me roaming in the entire city to collect the cd’s and all the stuff that I could get for my quest.

But ultimately I got to hear the exact notes – and I got my treasure consisting of a WORD!

When I heard it at first I think I was feeling exactly same as ‘Angelo Fardetti’ was feeling when he heard first the work of his beloved disciple “Geoffrey” as depicted wonderfully by William J. Lock in his short story – “Song of Life”. It was the name—a title of the symphony that led me too far!

It was like revelation that how much a single ‘word’ can hold the weight, of course to those who want to yield.

All these ardor of mine brought me in front of a single word – “Pachabel”.


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  1. neema says:

    Very nice article consist of lots of feelings, like & dislikes of a music lover, good one

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