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Invitation for my first book’s release program


Open for all

I feel immense pleasure in inviting you whole heartedly for the occasion of release of my first book “SpeakBindasFollowing the inner passion.” Your presence will indeed make a difference.

Invitation Card


Invitation card front


Invitation card back

Date & Venue

Date: 11/07/2010, Sunday
Time: 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Venue: Auditorium, Atmiya College, Kalawad Road, Rajkot

Contact no. 94269 70479 / 99980 55154

In Gujarati
તારીખ: ૧૧-૦૭-૨૦૧૦, રવિવાર
સમય: સવારે ૯:૦૦ થી ૧૧:૦૦
સ્થળ: ઓડીટોરીયમ, આત્મીય કોલેજ સંકુલ, યોગીધામ ગુરૂકુલ, કાલાવાડ રોડ, રાજકોટ.
સંપર્ક: ૯૪૨૬૯ ૭૦૪૭૯ / ૯૯૯૮૦ ૫૫૧૫૪

Update 1: Press coverage in “AKILA”

Update 2: A letter from Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat state

Update 3: View all photos of this event at Facebook

Link: Click here

Where to buy this book?

Contact Devang Vibhakar on his cell: +91 94269 70479 or
Email speakbindas@gmail.com

Selling figures so far

1. Dr. Shailesh Makadia bought – 100 copies

Dr. Shailesh MakadiaDr. Shailesh Makadia, Chairman of Radhe Group of Energy bought 100 copies of this book. It’s interesting to note that, we had been personally to deliver the 100 copies being carried in two boxes, each carrying 50 copies, to Radhe Group of Energy’s unit at Metoda, which is 15 kms. away from Rajkot where we live.

Our motive was to deliver it personally. Idea about payment was that, he will send it to us when such payments are made at regular interval of time in his company. But he was kind enough to pay the amount in Cash on the spot telling “You have come to Metoda and I wouldn’t like you go empty handed.” Such was his generosity.

2. Mr. Siddharth Shah bought – 1oo copies.

Siddharth ShahSiddharth Shah, Chairman of EPP Composites Pvt. Ltd. situated at Metoda is an avid reader. His personal home library consists of 5000 books, having a wide variety of genres.

He was the first person to buy 100 copies in advance, even before the release program. We are sure that, through his effort, this book will reach to 100 good readers.

3. Dinesh Tilva bought – 100+150 = 250 copies

Dinesh TilvaDinesh Tilva is the owner of Contact Ads, a Graphic and designing unit based in Rajkot. He is a business consultant too, rather a multi-dimensional personality who can speak on almost many a subjects in detail. He himself is a publisher of another book.

4. Bharatbhai Gajipara bought – 50 copies

Bharat GajiparaBharat Gajipara is an example of living with passion and vision. Since his childhood he had the vision of education. He became teacher as to accomplish first step towards his big dream, and now runs Sarvodaya Educational Network which provides education to 6000 students studying in different standards.

Like many others, he wasn’t comfortable with education system but unlike others he chose his own path. He is a down to earth personality, man with deep thoughts about education and a visionary educationalist.

5. Chandubhai Virani bought – 50 copies

Chandubhai ViraniHe is the Chairman of very popular Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. By buying 50 copies of this book, he shared his desire to distribute it among 50 students. We distributed the same to students of MBA department studying in Atmiya Institute, Yogidham Gurukul of Rajkot. You can see it report, video and photographs here.

6. Dineshbhai Tanna bought – 60 copies

Dinesh TIlvaDinesh Tanna is a successful businessman who has created his path of success from zero. He is the leading broker of sesame seed in entire India.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

10 thoughts on “Invitation for my first book’s release program

  1. osho shivo says:

    Dear Devang,

    Many congratulations to you on this book release. May this be the first one, with many more to come and inspire the generations to follow their own passion.

    1. Dear Shivo,

      Thank you so much for the encouragement and wishes.

  2. Naveen says:

    Congratulations Devang on this achievement. Really, publishing a book is not an easy task, you have done it…

    1. Very true Naveen. It’s itself a process which starts from writing the content and goes on to typing, designing, page-setting, title designing, printing, release program and selling/distributing.

      But it’s a joyable process.

  3. dineshtilva says:

    Mari subhechha darek ne hoi j che, antarni ichha evi che ke 2nd edition pan jaldi aave… amara asso. ni meeting ma me “spekbindas” book apel che, e committee ma nakki thaye 135 copy mari reserve rakhasho…. have a nice divas…. dineshtilva@gmail.com M.9427270271

    1. Thank you Dineshbhai. Yes, kept ‘135’ copies in reserve as you mentioned.

  4. dineshtilva says:

    કુશળ હશો!
    અમારા માટે તમો “સ્પીક બિન્દાસ” ૧૫૦ બૂક નો સત્વરે પ્રબંધ કરશો. અગાઉ મોકલેલ ૧૦૦બૂકમાંથી માત્ર ૮ જ બચેલ છે, જાણ માટે…

    1. દિનેશભાઇ,

      ખુબ ખુબ આભાર.

      આપને આજેજ ૧૫૦ બુક્સ મળી જશે.

      આપના સહયોગ બદલ સ્પિકબિન્દાસ ખરા દિલથી આભારી છે.

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