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Can buying views make you successful?

To run an online business, the first thing one would ask you is how are you planning to market your brand in the market? And the most common answer is – Well, we have social media networks to promote our business. And the answer is partly right, you have so many mediums and everyone has an easy access to it as it’s free of cost, the point is to be able to get the attention. The prime objective is to reach to most of them, which seems quite a task and that’s when a series of suggestions start to come in. The foremost one is to buy views, not specifically but mostly to Buy YouTube views or Facebook likes, is a practice in general.

Now, another relevant point to look at is whether it can help your project/ business or network successful? And the answer is a definite yes, but to get there you need to know few things. For instance, if your objective is to promote your YouTube channel, the easiest and quickest way is to buy YouTube views. As per a study, the popularity of a video is judged by its number of views and likes. This conclusion is not due to the status-symbol theory rather the numbers also effective in improving the search results and hence, search engines consider them a relevant factor in ranking. Basically, almost all marketers have declared this technique to be the simplest and effective for a beginner to enter the market and get established soon. Though along with that you need to optimize the title tag and description as well. To increase YouTube views, likes or response on any other social platform, buying views is the first thing that will give you an instant elevation in search results.

In case of YouTube, most of the brands don’t lose an opportunity to interact and demonstrate their product or service to their target audience. Any promotional activity has to be converted into video and uploaded on their channel or else they would not be able to catch up with the trend. To make your presence felt, to make your efforts count and get popular, search engine algorithms have compelled marketers in a way that they are bound to gain views. Either they want better search results, or top position among others, the best and the fast way to get it done is to buy views.

Undoubtedly, it is not a practice you should doubt about as gradually traditional methods or advertising, promotion, and marketing are seeing an uphill phase, plus the tech-savvy attribute has given first preference to the social media channels. In such scenario, to judge or count the success rate via buying views or likes would be a bit odd. Currently, so many organizations are working in competitive marketing to offer their clients a reasonable deal. This indicates the success is definite as so many are adopting this technique and investing in this business. Whether it’s about a small or large business, making your online presence influential is a challenge everyone wants to overcome. And soon as you accept the challenge you are already a part of the race and to win it, you need to invest your time and energy into one of these methods. Apart from purchasing views on social networks, you need to work on the optimization of your profile on any of the networks. Without fulfilling the technical grounds, no one method will take you far. Alongside, try to understand the market you will be dealing in for the rest of your life. It’s important to know about the trends people are following and output they are expecting. Though buying views it’s not the only method to reach success but surely one that won’t disappoint you.


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