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Chat with God

One day I opened my eyes and I saw Almighty standing in front of me,
I asked him who are you? he said I’m Almighty,
I asked so, you can give me anything I wish?
He said yes, ask me, whatever you wish but only once I will fulfill it,
I got confused, he was smiling by seeing me in such a condition and enjoying,
I got angry on him that cant you give me many wishes?
He smiled and said your wishes must be countless if I will say you to think even,
I thought he was right, then I closed my eyes and got my wish,
I said him make me child again, he laughed and asked why,

I said that I was happiest person when I was a kid,
I was prince for all and I got everything from dad and mom whatever I ever wished,
I was pampered, cared and loved by everyone,
I was so innocent and careless, I was able to do whatever I wish without asking anything to anyone or thinking that what society will think of me, what will happen to my reputation,
I was able to wander wherever I wish, I was playing with my friends and pets,
I was so cute that everyone forgive me for every mischief of mine,
I was feeling like queen  those days,

So, my lord, I wish to live that life again and always wish to remain as a kid to live life with love and fun with bit of careens and naughtiness.


Suddenly mom was screaming on me and I woke up from this dreaming sleep. I was saying her that please let me sleep for few minutes more.

This is a common dream of youngsters. But really I am missing my childhood days. Don’t you also miss it? Careless study, naughtyness, it was a bindas life. No worries of future, no guilty for past failure, no ambition, no comparisons, life was smooth like butter (makhan).

As we grow up, all human tendencies comes in ourself, jealousy, comparisons, planning, depression, career, marriage, love, responsibilities, moral responsibilities for the nation.

The list is endless. In this race of life, few people lust for money, few for fame, few for valence, and few for religion. No one is having peace in today’s era.

Whenever I’m thinking that though we are having so many facilities in life, we are still searching for something, which we are not able to define specifically. But everyone is in search for money, fame, knowledge, god and so on.

People have forgotten Bhagwat Geeta’s message (updesh) that do your work and leave result in Almighty’s hand. That is the simple rule to live life. So, then we will be tension free, what we have to do, we have to give our best for our work, rest leave it for god. He is there for justice. If one starts living life in this manner then most of life’s problems will be solved for sure.

So, forget your worries and spend your time with your kids. Be like them for sometime, one will forget all tensions for few time. No need to consult any doctor regarding to any depression issue. Everything will be fine then. Whenever one feel depressed spend time with kids, that‘s the best medicine to convert your sorrow in happiness. Believe me it really works. Do it once only, you will feel better. I have asked many people that which time you would like to recall in life, you would like to relive in life; I got common answer all wished to go back in childhood. Because in that no barriers were available, only happiness.

I remember when we were kids of society and were playing different games. When mom was taking care of each and everything regarding to me, when my dad gave me bicycle as gift of my 4th birthday.

When my dad was reading with me during my exams till late nights. When my mom was making my favorite dishes without asking me. When we went for ice-cream parlour after dinner. Every year’s Holi and Diwali festivals.

When I got first prize in Rangoli and Garba, I was feeling so proud of myself, my favorite red and white colored dress. I really wish to enjoy all precious things again. I’m sure that every person is having precious memories of their childhood and wish to live it again.

Even that thought is making one smile.


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3 thoughts on “Chat with God

  1. One of the best poem I ever read. After reading third and fourth line of poem, it started interest in me to read it further. I was just wondering what will the poet ask, as only one wish is to be granted. And when it came about ‘childhood’, I literary felt that “Yes, Yes, Even I would have asked for the same.”

    It was like, my entire childhood just flashed by, within few seconds after reading this beautiful article. Yes, you’re right that we all had the best time of our life, and that was childhood, and only after that, all hurdles started, that started eating years from our life. Childhood was the time, when we were adding life to years, and the as we grew, we only started adding years to our life.

    I also remember my childhood days in a small village of having total population below 2000. Ours was a leading family, hence having a bicycle was something to be of proud then. But now I remember that, I used to share my bicycle with my friends at that time. It’s another matter that, due to bad roads having stone in it, bicycle had very short life! But, whatever time I had with that bicycle, and that fun and amazement, mostly the happiness of having it, is no where near to of the happiness of having a car now.

    Many of you must have heard of Virpur if you belong to Gujarat, and mostly Kathiyawad. It was just 5 kilomitres away from my village. But there was no such direct concrete road. We had to pass through a area having all farms around. A group of friends, a bottle of water, footwear or no footwear, and the trip used to start, by visiting nature! Aah! those were the days, those were the days!

    And how can I forget the days of Navratri! Who was interested in watching that Garbas then? It was the time for play of ‘chasing’ at black nights. And we used to have those horrifying rumours of ghosts then. That risk taking nature then to visit cemetary at night was the daring of all time.

    Man O Man! I wish, I had a video camera then and had taken all those videos. How glad I would be now watching them!! I am sure, my 6 months old son Ishan, won’t regret like me! I’m capturing all memories.

    Thank you so much, Neema for writing such a beautiful piece of creativity, that rather exposed the itch to reply in such a length, and still feeling to keep writing, keep writing on and on and on!

  2. neema says:

    when i was writing this article, i was really missing my childhood, i was remembering all my fav things, my dalls,my first bicycle, my clothes, my teddy bear. i was very studious in childhood, dad always gave me company while i was reading at late nights, v all fr8s were playing hide & seek, how innocent v were. there was purity in every task. i ‘m really missing my childhood, that’s y whenever i’m getting time i’m spending it with my nephew sahil. it’s beautiful feeling when your playing with kid. i cant explain it by words one should feel it.

  3. shivani agrawal says:

    Gr8 article yar and i suddenly remembered my childhood

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