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Children’s books | Towers of books for children

Stumble upon a beautiful ecological gem which never hurts and may only be good for your kids? We’re talking about children’s books which lead us to the library where we encounter many different publishers. We would like to mention with regard to the delightful stories of Nina and Nello in the countryside, The Towers.

In this case it is actually some towers of books which target children from 0 years of age. It is surprising how the can actually cover all conceivable topics. They include baby books with high contrast images. For example, we have the tower where there is a volume dedicated to each of the more sympathetic animals of the sea or a tower in which each of the texts relates to a color.

In addition to the books of the sea there are also books available such as Play and Learn! Games with colors, animals and vehicles can be found. The latter is certainly more impassion to the public of the boys.

There is also the cord on the top to drag them around wherever you want once the whole stack is rearranged which is a great advantage for when you get little more than the height of the chair. We’ve all been there.

But why an ecological choice? Because in practice the volumes are printed on 98% recyclable and environmentally friendly inks. Some of the owners of the small turrets will also try to sit on them when they try to share their bath time or when they want to let the baby taste the food he does not like, but with the volumes being so nice and made of thick cardboard, the towers should hold up pretty well.


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