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Cute Little Hacks for your Bike

Did you know that you can create an urbanite feel for your bike? It may look corny but there are few perks to it. There is no harm in getting touch with your creative side when it comes to pimping your bike. It can make you look cool and at the same time, the few benefits are quite something. Make yourself stand out amongst other bikers. Here are a couple of ideas you can adopt:

  1. A water bottle holder can come in handy for you, especially when you go out for those long rides. When the thirst strikes, wouldn’t it be cool to grab that water bottle from the holder mounted on the bike. No more thirstiness.
  2. Colored spoke beads give your bike a cool and edgy demeanor. This is quite a unique way to brand your bike and you cannot miss it in a crowd.
  3. A light mount is an essential accessory as it allows you to have extra lighting, especially if you are riding and it gets dark. Having that extra light gives you a safe feeling.
  4. In case you lose your fender for one reason or another and too busy to get it fixed up, why not embrace recycling and get yourself a bottle fender. Cool, isn’t it?
  5. Another cool accessory is a garmin handlebar mount that can allow you to carry your electronics, from a phone to a GPS or even a camera. Want to capture those adventurous moments, you need to get your bike this gadget. No regrets about it.
  6. If you are a lady and want to feel cute about your biking experience, you can get yourself little planters where you can place some flowers on your bike. It brings out the feminine flair of your two-wheel machine.
  7. Want to go out with the boring, you can choose from a great range of 3D printed valves. There is a wide selection of designs and colors that you can choose from. Dive into it!
  8. How cool can you get with a bottle courier? This one allows you to carry your soft drinks and enjoy a sugar rush as you cycle away.
  9. You can bring out that personal touch on your bike by branding it with a Bike Headbadge. Whatever you want to call it ‘Mean Cycle Bomber’ or ‘Cute Little Boo Boo’, it is all up to you. Get your creative juices working.
  10. Have you ever been on the road cycling then it hits you that you left your keys, cash and cards in the house? Scary feeling, huh? If this is something you have experienced you can consider getting a quick pick wallet that you can mount on the bike, just ensure that you are cycling in a safe neighborhood.
  11. Finally, road popper is that one essential item that lets you open your soda bottles while on the road. You will pass on as the coolest peep on the planet.


Christine Payne loves biking and informing cyclists of cool hacks such as the garmin handlebar mount.


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