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Designer Sarees: The Current Craze among Indian Women

Rich, traditional sarees are known to be evergreen and they never seem to go out of fashion. The younger generation is always more adventurous and are on the constant look out for innovative styles and designs. The highly creative brigade of Indian fashion designers has created the concept of designer sarees for the young and vibrant women. Currently there is a growing craze for exclusive designer sarees including Bollywood sarees.

These lightweight unique designer pieces are very much in vogue and are just right for the sophisticated and modern Indian woman. You have access to a wide variety of designer sarees today and they come in soft comfortable fabrics including chiffons, georgettes, silks and nets. They are essentially lightweight and easy to drape and carry. They have a wonderful fall and make you look truly elegant. They come in a wide spectrum of styles, designs and colors.

You just need to choose one that would complement your looks and personality. Exclusive designer sarees are in great demand on weddings, festivals and family functions. Bollywood divas have helped generate a lot of interest and popularity for the quintessential Indian attire in foreign lands. A number of Hollywood divas and other celebrities abroad are sporting exquisite designer sarees. As such there has been a definite increase in global popularity for sarees. Incidentally, you can now buy sarees online as you have an easy access to a fabulous selection of sarees in innovative designs and vibrant colors.

Reasons for Opting for Designer Sarees

Traditional sarees have been there for ages. Rich kanjeevarams, Balucharis, Kantha sarees, Ikkat sarees, Banarasis among many others are found in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, you must try out the designer sarees. They are a welcome change from the traditional sarees in looks, material and weight. Here are a number of reasons why you should opt for a marvelous designer saree.

High Quality Fabrics Are Used

You can get your saree customized by designers and choose the fabric that you are comfortable with. Most bridal sarees could be personalized by reputed designers and you could choose the material of the saree as per your personality and preference. Usually designers present sarees in soft, delicate, lightweight materials so that the fall is really amazing and you look hot and sexy. You could carry these sarees quite comfortably for hours at a stretch.

Designers are known to undertake thorough research before opting for the most comfortable and beautiful fabrics. Fabrics play a pivotal role and designers place a lot of importance to it. It is top priority for designers. These designer masterpieces come in super soft and smooth fabrics that add a touch of elegance and charm to your overall personality.

Available in a Wide Range of Colors

The designer sarees come in a wide spectrum of colors. You could choose the color of your preference if you are getting your saree personalized. These come in soft pastel shades as well as dark or vibrant colors. Designers love to mix up colors for a beautiful and dramatic effect.

Latest Designs that Attract the Young and the Vivacious

Fashion designers are always abreast with the latest trends in the fashion circuit and so they come up with amazingly beautiful and innovative designs. You are sure to get the latest patterns and styles if you buy designer sarees.

Highly Embellished Designer Sarees

These are very popular as bridal wear and are intricately embroidered or come with dazzling embellishments such as zari work, stones, pearls, beads, crystals, sequins, heavy thread work, lace work, zardosi work etc. These look incredibly beautiful and young brides look chic, hot and sexy when they drape these designer masterpieces. They look simply mind-blowing. You too can choose an exquisite designer saree to stand out from the rest and make a fashion statement.

Neon Colored Sarees

Neon colors are frequently used by designers to make heads turn. Neon-colored sarees are very much in vogue and quite popular with the young and adventurous. Neon green is especially, Indian fashion designers’ hot favorite.

Pant Style Saree

This is a contemporary way of draping the sari so that it looks like a pant. This is the latest version of the conventional Navwari saree that used to be draped just like a pant.

Gown Style Saree

In this amazingly ravishing style, the saree is actually pleated like a normal one, but the loose end is pinned across your bosom. It looks very chic and incredibly sexy. It is just the right choice for weddings, reception or cocktail parties.

Author Bio: Seema Bhargava is a highly talented fashion designer. Her love for the varied culture and rich Indian heritage finds expression in her mind-blowing designer sarees. She advises her numerous off-shore clients to buy sarees online.


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