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Digital Printing: The Right Choice

Cutting-edge printing methods like ink-jet and laser printing are referred to as digital printing. The digital printing process entails sending of an image to the printer directly using digital files including PDFs and files like InDesign and Illustrator from graphics software. Digital printing does not require a printing plate unlike offset printing. This proves immensely effective in saving time and money. Digital printing does not necessitate creation of a plate and so it assures on demand-printing and super quick turnaround times.

This method of printing is compatible with very small runs. It is not mandatory for printing pre-determined and large runs. Print request of only one print may also, be entertained in a digital printing process. Though offset printing comes up with marginally better print quality, digital printing assures faster deliveries at lower costs.

Reasons for Choosing Digital Printing

Digital printing is gradually becoming popular thanks to the improvement in the quality of prints. Digital printing is being used as a significant tool meant particularly for the direct mail marketers. Commercial printing in larger volumes is still carried out by the traditional offset lithography. However, digital print technology boasts of some remarkable advantages. Understanding and evaluating these benefits is quite necessary for advertisers hoping to get the most from printing dollars.

Best for Customization

Smart direct marketers do not need to be told that a personalized printed piece for each and every recipient is extremely useful in grabbing attention of the prospective customers. Digital printing is the best choice if you want to print customized letters and brochures as per individual specifications. If you are thinking in terms of a letter for instance, starting with the name of an individual and if you wish to include more personal information within the copy, then digital printing is your top option and definitely a practical choice. This means that should you want to print a hundred letters, all with different content, and personalized with the recipient’s name, address, salutation, etc., digital printing is the only option

More Cost Effective

Digital printing guarantees lower per copy cost as far as short run printing is concerned. Digital printing involves negligible startup costs, while a large component of the cost of offset printing is the setup that involves preparation of negative films from which positives are prepared on a metal plate, which are then mounted on to the press. Short runs on offset litho printing means more expensive per copy.

Great for Short Runs

If you are working for an advertising firm, and are running campaigns for products which are updated or modified frequently, you shouldn’t keep a very extensive inventory of catalogs or brochures. You should definitely switch to digital printing, as it is an inexpensive alternative which allows you to print several reruns to keep up with the changing specifications. Short runs in digital printing can be undertaken at reasonably low prices to cater to any immediate needs. You must hire expert printing services like http://www.jakprinters.com/, as the professionals would be able to advise you when it is favorable to adopt short digital runs.

Extraordinarily Fast Turnaround

Fast turnaround is definitely a big plus point for digital printing. If output ready files are supplied to the print supplier, the digital products could easily be produced with practically no further processing. Also, ink drying is not an issue as the images seem to be dry as they come out from the press. They are all set for cutting or folding or whatever bindery process is necessary.

Digital printing is the best choice if you are using standard weights, sizes and papers. However, if you are thinking of using heavy papers or textured papers or light papers, you should opt for offset printing production as it is compatible to a broader spectrum of papers and substrates.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is the head of a start-up digital printing firm, and an expert in design. Her firm offers end-to-end printing services, from professional advice to several types of digital and offset printing to cater to all your needs.


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