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Dr. Navin Vibhakar award winning Gujarati author

Update: Video of Dr. Navin Vibhakar’s lecture at Rajkot

Navin Vibhakar

Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Parishad Award winner

Dr. Navin Vibhakar is an eminent writer who lives in USA. He was born on 25th August 1936 in Mwanza, Tanzania, Former British East Africa , did his schooling there. He earned his medical degree from Bombay and then practiced for 25 years in Africa. Later, he migrated to USA in 1992.

He helped and took care of all his siblings after his father’s death, got them educated. Now all well settled in USA. He says “Now I am semi-retired and full fledged author. My 25 books are published with more 8 in printing by R. Sheth & Co.”. His root are in Junagadh city of Gujarat, India. He has traveled to various countries such as England, Canada, Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, India, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Speakbindas had an online chit chat with Navinbhai.

Q. Which is your latest published book? Do tell us something about it.

A. MRUTYU NU KAVACH is latest book of mine published in January 09 by Rannade Prakashan. Book is about two sisters, one dying with leukemia and other sister is a Kavach (guard) as being a sibling medically she is a perfect match for her to give blood and bone marrow. But how it afflicted the parents and when the match grows up thinking about her rights of body there starts the conflict between an American and Indian culture. This book was a serialized in Gujarat Samachar of Ahmadabad.

Q. Shed some light in brief about your already published 25 books.

A. Seven books are short stories collections, fiction true stories, some based on events I have seen or experienced from people I met from all over the world and Africa, India, England and America. Ten books are novels based on all walks of life, love story, mafia, bloodline, business intrigues, different cultures conflicts, journalism, physical defects in humans causing inferior complex, adventures, dominant mother ruining sons ambitions, globalization of Bharat (INDIA). This book’s name is SHATRANJ NU MOHRU published by image publication which won two prizes from Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Parishad of Ahmadabad recently.

One book Jivan Na Rang is my memoirs of Bharat, Africa and America. One is autobiography of late president of Tanzania Dr. Julius Nyerere. Book’s name is Bhagyavidhata. One book is about Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro and national parks and a tribe called Masai.

Q. You said you have more 8 books in printing. What are they about? And when they are supposed to be available?
A. Three books are about to be in market by R. R. Sheth Co.

  • First is Mahamulu Moti which is the story of IDI AMIN of Uganda
  • Second is on Vendetta  called Najuk Namnu Pankhi.
  • Third is Zakal Bhini Savar based on AMISH people of America.

Another five are in printing.

  • Bhula Padya Mrugjal based on Adivasi spiritual love story  which was serialized in Janmbhoomi.
  • Aabh Jukyu Palke which is based on a woman of substance  building a business empire in world interacting with family quarrels.
  • Tallash is based on an Asian-American boy who sets out to search for his roots in Bharat.
  • Autobiography of Nelson Mandela of South Africa.
  • Sanhar is based on genocide of country named RWANDA in Africa.
  • SHADYANTRA is based on terrorism. Which I am writing now.

Q. What is the prime reason or inspiration that you love writing?

A. Inspired by my father and lots of reading done when I was in my teens. Want to present something new and knowledgeable to public making a niche in Gujarati Sahitya.

Q. According to you, what is the biggest achievement for an author, money or the appreciation of work?

A. First appreciation of work and then money incase you don’t have. I write for my enjoyment as god has been very kind to me monetarily.

Q. What is your pattern of writing? Also describe the place / desk you write at. Any preferable time of the day/night, you like the most to write at?

A. First I prepare the topic of my book and prepare a rough idea in my mind and then straight away put my ideas on paper. Night time is best for me as it is very quiet to hold your ideas. I write either at my desk or in my bed.

Q. Do you think that the support from the family of an author is must in his writing journey? What role of your family has performed in your writing career? Any credits?

A. Without that you can not write. Many times my mind is occupied for my impending writing and though being with her (my wife) I am not with her but she understands that and before I send my writings to publisher or magazines she goes through it suggesting valuable corrections and ideas. She is a great reader. Full credit goes to her. Sometimes my daughter-in law also makes suggestions and corrections.

Q. What is your vision towards the future existence of Gujarati language in USA?

A. Very bleak. Future generation here know how to speak Gujarati but parents either have no time or have no drive or inclination to teach their children how to read and write. I am fortunate my both sons and grand children know how to speak, write and read the Gujarati language.

Q. Who are your favorite writers, among Gujarati literature?

A. First old ones:

  • Ramanlal Desai
  • V. S. Khandekar
  • Dhumketu
  • Pannalal Patel
  • Ishwar Petlikar
  • Darshak


  • Umashankar Joshi
  • Sundaram
  • Kalapi

New ones:

  • Suresh Dalal
  • Ramesh Parekh
  • Varsha Adalja
  • Ila Arab Mehta

Q. What are your hobbies? And favorite dishes?

A. Dramas, music, reading, swimming travelling ,  t.v. and good films,
Sweets:  Sreekhand, Jalebi, Gulbjamun, Icecream,  Masala Dosa, Pani Puri and Puran Poli and Mexican Cacidias.

Q. Your message to young people, who wants to become an aspiring writer.

A. First read a lot about all literature of the different countries of world. Including Bharat. Grasp your language, formulate your ideas, develop the concept you want to write. Develop interest in fine arts like music, dramas, paintings  and most important be very very observant which will help you to create your characters.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

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  1. Jayantilal S.Shah says:

    I read the article written by Dr. Vibhakar and published in Akhand Anand under the title, PURASKAR. I wept a lot and the picture of the Singer SHRAVANI persisted in my mind for a long time. I searched for his address thro, SPEAKBINDASS. I am obliged to this channel for getting this address to me, free,..
    I wondered, how this Gujarati Dr. has developed his grip on writing. But Now I know it takes great industry and deep interest to do this.
    My heartfelt complements to Dr. Navin M. Vibhakar on his success in gujarati writings.
    Is this also a fiction? Or, based on some true life?

  2. navin vibhakar says:

    it is based on a true story of one of the saregamapas previous contestant. only i made the husband talk which is not in real life. keep in touch.

    1. nikita says:

      Sir hu Nani hati tyare ravivar ni poorti ma mrityu nu kavach vanchti hati.varta mane ketli gami che e kehva Mara pase koi shabdo nathi.atli sunder varta lakhva badal apno dil thi khub aabhar

    2. આપનું ઇમેઇલ એડ્રેસ તથા ફોન નંબર મોકલવા વિનંતી છે.હું રંજન ગાંધી યુએસએ માં રહુ છુ અને આપની વાર્તા સ્મૃતિભ્રશ જન્મભૂમિ મધુરમ પૂર્તિમાં વાંચતો હતો.તેનું 3 જું પ્રકરણ મારે વાંચવાનું રહી ગયું છે તે માટે ખુબ તપાસ કરી પણ અહીં ક્યાંય મળે તેમ નથી માટે આપને લખુ છું તો મને તે મારા વોટ્સેપ નંબર +1 845 416 5604 અથવા મારા ઇમેઇલ gandhirj@yahoo.com par મોકલવા નમ્ર વિનંતી કરું છુ.
      રંજનભાઈ ગાંધી

  3. Prerana Buch says:

    Sir, i came to know that some of your writings come under Diasphora. May i know which of your novels are diashoric in nature?

  4. Dr Jitendra v patel says:

    I read short story in akhnd anand
    Piyano is just superb
    Thanks go such a nice story

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