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Dr. Paras Shah on Swine Flu

A must watch video to know about Swine Flu

Dr. Paras Shah (M.D., Medicine) is an assistant professor at Medicine department of P. D. U. Civil Hospital, Rajkot. He is involved with swine flu treatment since its inception in the Saurashtra region, i.e. around August, 2009.

He has witnessed around 180 deaths that occurred in the swine flu ward. In total, their department has treated around 5000 patients having swine flu effect and among them around 2000 admissions they have discharged by curing them.


Symptoms of Swine Flu:

Basic symptom of swine flu is that it starts with fever which lasts for the duration of two to three days, which is must. Another symptom is cough in form of dry cough, expectoration with yellow sputum. Also sore throat is another symptom, i.e. you feel pain when you take food inside. These are the basic three symptoms which have to be present there to make sure the person may be affected with swine flu.

Then there are other symptoms too like body ache, running nose, and vomiting.

According to Dr. Shah, in the current wave of swine flu (i.e. in 2010) particularly in this region, it is much milder compared to the earlier one (July-August 2009). He has seen less number of expires this time which occurred due to swine flu. People are getting discharged in just 3-4 days. The severity of the disease has decreased. It may be because the immunity is increased in the community. So chances are that this disease can be eradicated faster.

He adds:

Honestly speaking, don’t get worried about Swine Flu. It is a respiratory tract disease [Swine flue gets transmitted through air(breathing)]. In India, it is hard to avoid the exposure of respiratory tract diseases. What we should do is take care of ownself like take more fluids and fruits. Try to maintain own immunity by exercising and all. And I’m sure you are not going to end up with swine flu.

Different variants of swine flu:

There are two variants of swine flu. One is upper respiratory tract infection and another lower respiratory tract infection. In the earlier infection, symptoms like sore throat and common cold are seen. But in the later infection, lungs get involved which is called pneumonitis and that is dangerous because it gets spread rapidly. Symptoms like high-grade fever, breathlessness are seen in this infection. In this infection, function of lungs will get deteriorated and that actually causes the death.

One of the reasons of expires due to swine flu is also because that patients do come to doctors at the later stage of infection. It is mostly because that they are not aware that they are affected with swine flu


Note from Editor:

Due to swine flu hysteria or swine flu phobia being observed in many people, SpeakBindas attempted to provide some actual information from an authentic doctor. And what you are seeing is the result of it.

Insted of being afraid or living with a doubt of getting affected with it, it is better to have a swine flu test done and find out the fact.  In market even swine flu vaccine is available, but that too should be taken under doctor’s observation.

P.S.: Thanks to Dr. Amit Agravat for being a liaison.


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3 thoughts on “Dr. Paras Shah on Swine Flu

  1. Anmol says:

    good to have such knowledgeable interview on site.. such talk will help in general awareness of the people and help them to reduce panic in society and will improve the good will of civil hospital..
    wasnt aware much about civil hospital and never knew such potential of civil hospital of our city..

    1. Like Dr. Shah said in the interview that “We may not be able to provide the lavishness of treatment but we will TREAT you, that’s for sure”, Anmol it’s the root thing that we should consider.

      I had an outer look at the Swine Flu laboratory too, which was indeed of high-standard. Our civil hospital has indeed potential and it is not just for the poor people.

  2. Tarang says:

    Excellent speech by Dr Shah on swine flu and very helpful for general population……..

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