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Interview of Dr. Rushi Ghadawala – a Space Scientist and an Engineer

This 25-year-old has obtained a worldwide patent for his unmanned space vehicle (USV), to facilitate a satellite move from one orbit to another, from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Dr. Rushi Ghadawala filed for the patent on April 8, 2008. It was published on August 6, 2009, and he received the patent on September 12.

At 23, Rushi also became the member of The International Astronautical Federation (student chapter), The British Interplanetary Society, The Space Generation Advisory Council, South Asia Pacific (International charter, space and major disasters), The International Space and Society Committee, Member of Space Generation Advisory Council (Asia Pacific Space Activity), Honorable Member of The Planetary Society, Honorable Member of The International Lunar Observation Society, Member (Asia Pacific Region), United Nations Office Of Outer Space Affairs, High Level Discussion Committee (Integrated Space Technology Applications – Support to Managing Potentially Hazardous Events).

Interview of Dr. Rushi Ghadawala by Mrs. Gaurangi J. Patel

Q: For some, space related study is quite a fascinating subject. Would you shed some light on exactly what you studied in this subject matter and how were you first initiated into it?

I did my bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering, where I studied subjects like propulsion, aircraft designing, flight mechanics,  AVIONICS…etc. and post graduate in Astronautics and Space Engineering, where I studied Mission Planning and Designing, System Engineering, Spacecraft Communications, GPS-INS, Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics…etc.

Q: We learnt that you got a call from Dr A.P.J.Kalam’s office and you met him personally. He is your guiding force since then. Please tell us all about it.

Well, I got call from office of president of India on 14 february 2007, confirming my appointment with the president of India Dr. Kalam on 15 february 2007. The meeting lasted for a long while and since then he has been a guiding and motivational force behind my research.

Q: Please tell us; how you were able to obtain the patent for your “Aryavarta” project. How did you come to decide about its name? What is this project about?

The name Aryavarta has taken from ancient Indian name in sanskrit. Aryavarta project is to develop an energy and cost efficient space transportation system to shift satellites from one orbit to another along with reducing space debris. As the project itself was the new initiative in this direction, the patent was filled first at national level and than at WIPO at international level.

Q: What would be your role in completing this project? As a layman, we would like to understand more about USV.

As being project initiator, it is my responsibility to develop it and finish it in proper desired action plan. We still need to do more work to complete the project. USV – unmanned space vehicle…

Q: Since you first reminiscence, who were your inspiring agents? Who supported you most?

I consider everyone to take inspiration for in different stages of life. I have received really great support of my team mates from Aryavarta Space Organization, because of whom I am able to present many projects successfully at international level in space industry.

Q: What was your and your family members’ reaction when your project’s patent was sanctioned?

It was a really big news for all of us. We all were pretty excited to receive this opportunity and when we received it, family, friends and Aryavarta Space Organization celebrated it with a grand party and shared their happiness with me.

Q: You are also dedicated to working on ‘Space Pollution’. Please highlight it. We are aware about pollution on planet, so far. This is a new concept for most of our site-visitors.

Yes, indeed, space pollution is a growing problem now a days. we are sending satellites since more than 50 years. Many of them are retired, also during space shuttle trips, many of junks have also been settled by us, apart from these, satellite collisions are also driving force behind creating more space junk.. it is required to clear the debris in order to prevent more safe space trips and international space stations, and other satellites which are now part indirectly in our daily routine (e.g. communication and navigation satellites…etc)

Discussing before the presentation with Dr. Takao Doi (Chief, UN Space Application, Office for Outer Space Affairs, United Nations and experienced astronaut) @ United Nations - International Astronautical Federation workshop on "GNSS Applications for Human Benefits and Development"

Q: Are there many, involved in such research, world wide?

To promote research activities in space industry in technical, medicine and science and to make the people accessible of space industry, I have founded organization named Aryavarta Space Organization which has got more than 500 members across the world and we are majorly operating in UK, USA and India.

Q: How long would it take to complete this project? Do you have other future innovative plans to be pursued?

Well, it is a good question. However, I am not in the stage right now to make any comment about it. As far as future initiatives are concern, we have also started research in various directions such as climate change and earth observation, space tourism, effects of gravity variation on human bodies, space debris removal…etc.

Q: Can we envisage you to be in the orbit, some day?

I have already experienced zero gravity flights so you never know when I will be where!!

Q: Would you like to speak about any thing else, on your own and share with us on speakbindas site, especially students?

Don’t chase for money.. chase for your dream, achieving your goal… your bills will be paid off automatically.” (From one of my speeches)

Q: Lastly, any anecdotal experience that you remember? Do tell us!

I would like to invite you to watch below video which will answer this question.


Dr. Rushi Ghadawala can be reached at:
Contact no.: +44 7501318061 (UK)
Blog: http://rghadawala.blogspot.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=604728917


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