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Entrance Exams and its importance

There was a time when a very few students in India used to go for higher studies. I’m talking about the 70’s and 80’s. At that time appearing for the examination of metric (state level board examination) was not in every student’s to do list. In fact, there wasn’t much awareness or infrastructure for the education in that arena. Having done B.A. in those times was considered as something special. And those B.A. pass outs used to get some of the best jobs in the nation, be it in railway, bank or other government sectors.

But times have changed since after. B.A. is no more a special degree now. In fact, even after doing M.A. there is no certainty of getting good jobs, unless you’ve some unique talent that which is in demand. After masters even if one goes for Ph.D, still confirmation of the finest job in not a sure thing. And compared to earlier era, a number of streams in education have opened up in a wide range of courses. Along with that, importance of education is now being considered as the basic qualification that is required to shape a better career. Hence, the inclination and admission of students in different types of streams has emerged in past 10 years like a mammoth wave.

This has brought the great competition among students to get the best of the best education from the top-notch educational institutions. Now a days to get at the top means being able to show the required performance. Looking at the huge number of students, it is not possible that the top institutions, be it a government or private college, can give admission to one and all students who apply for it. In such a case, the need of an entrance exam occurs.

A specially designed examination called entrance exam is something which has become common in last few years. To study in a desired educational institution one has to prove own intelligence through the form of an entrance exam. Be it medical entrance, engineering, arts, architecture, commerce, management, law, mass communication, pure science etc. a seat can be reserved by clearing in an entrance exam. There is a list of entrance exams in India both at state level as well as national level that students appear for every year. Good news is that due to existence of internet, now students can easily find the schedules and venues of entrance exams by its year for example AIPMT 2015.

It’s indeed a very competitive era of education where margin for error has tremendously narrowed when for a limited number of seats sometimes hundreds of times students in number appear. Hence, saying “All the Best” to them is something what we can do to boost their spirit as the hard work is to be done by themselves only!


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