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Extreme Couponing: Tips from the Experts That Will Help You Save Big

Did you know that the first coupon was offered in 1894 by Coca-Cola? Each handwritten ticket granted one free serving of their carbonated concoction, then priced at five cents.

Of course, today’s coupons are far more valuable. Savvy shoppers save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. With the right extreme couponing strategies and practices, you can cut anything from 70% to 90% out of some receipts. Here are 5 expert-approved tips that will help you save big.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Full-priced items should generally be avoided until they’re on sale. This way, you can combine the discounts for greater returns. Remember to consider the possibility of upcoming promotions with even better offers. Clothing retailers tend to make the highest price cuts at the end of each season, for example. Other pitfalls to stay clear of include:

  • Jumping on every enticing offer
  • Printing coupons unnecessarily
  • Passing good deals due to brand loyalty
  • Feeling pressured to use every single coupon
  • Cutting each coupon individually instead of stacking pages

Use the Internet

Now more than ever, coupon websites and apps provide countless opportunities to save at your favorite stores. Whether you’re looking for discounts, promotions, cashback or exclusive offers, chances are that you’ll find them online. The extensive list of Kohl’s coupons on goodshop.com can give you an idea of what is usually available.

Stay Organized

If you keep any traditional coupons, ensure that your collection remains neat and accessible. Filing systems work best. They can be categorized by grocery type, expiration date, location or whatever you find suitable. Use coupon binders or wallets for storage and file new additions as soon as they arrive.

Expired coupons have no purpose, so focus on disposing of them sooner rather than later. Setting a purging schedule can assist with routine maintenance and free up wasted space.

Know Your Store

Unless you’re familiar with the standard prices, there won’t be any guarantee that you’re actually spending less on discounted products. The cost can be inflated to compensate for the coupon. For instance, a shampoo brand may send out a coupon for 50 cents off, but the retailer raises the price 60 cents.

It pays to do some research in advance. This applies to in-store coupon policies as well. You can typically find them on the retailer’s website. Having the page saved on your phone will allow you to present it when an uninformed employee or manager denies your discount. It’s also a good idea to read up on policies for:

  • Price matching
  • Accepting coupons from competitors
  • Rain checks (Guarantee that the same discount will apply when the item is restocked)

Work Together

A great way to get more out of couponing is to partner up with others. You can trade to obtain the coupons you need in exchange for those you don’t. Get friends, family, and neighbors involved or join a local couponing group and start sharing. You never know what it might lead to.

As a bonus tip, try buying non-perishable items in bulk when there’s a major sale. Long-term savings tend to be the biggest.


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