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Indian man forced to marry girlfriend


This is a true story of two lovers from Mysore city of INDIA, Jagdish and Laxmi. Jagdish is a florist by profession and was in love with Laxmi. Laxmi too loved him and their relationship lasted for few years. Everything was going on smooth until one day Jagdish refused to marry her.

And then the worst time for Jagdish came. The residents of area came to know about this and they beat Jagdish and forced him to get married with Laxmi and they succeeded in doing so in a temple.

From above video, you can clearly see that everyone other than Jagdish was happy at the ceremony.

Laxmi says:

He had refused to marry me. Youth in the area have got me justice. His mother had disagreed to the marriage due to which even he too refused to marry me. Now he has agreed for the marriage.

These was the comment of Laxmi’s mother:

He wanted to marry my daughter and had even spoken to us. They used to spend a lot of time with each other. We had informed his family but they ignored.

Sunanda Kumar, Ward Corporator said:

He was in love with this girl but went absconding for 4 years. Youth in the area caught him and handed him over to the police. They then sent him to the temple to conduct his marriage.

For some this may look funny thing and to some real serious. But what you’re going to watch in the above video is REAL.

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