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Generation Next

Who is smarter today, you or your kid? You may say that of course, that is you. That is partially true, because kids are becoming smarter toady. Definitely television is also having major part in for this, kids know more than us.

They know how to search on Google, they can use GPS system in mobile phone, they can detect their city by using Google earth, at the age of 14 they become mature, they know their responsibility, they are having their dreams and passion to fulfill them. You know when I am talking with kids they always shock me by their knowledge in the field of education or entertainment, they know everything.

When I am watching movie or television serial with my elders they are always complaining that Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar are real heroes, today’s heroes do not know acting, they know dance and action only.

I always disagree with them, because we can not compare today’s heroes with previous decade’s heroes. They were unique but today’s heroes are becoming global. They are having their production house, they are good business men, and they are good dancer, producer, and writer.

Farhan Akhtar is recent example of it. They are famous in the whole world, in the future also we will see Hollywood famous hero and Bollywood hero together in any movie, this can happen.

The point is every era is having its own beauty. As well as people are smarter today.

People are more educated, moving to abroad. Nothing is wrong in that I think because everyone needs growth, good salary package, good position and lots of money. So people are working hard for that and they are achieving good things. I always respect previous generation as well as welcome future generation, we should not always see bad points in today’s generation. They are becoming global. They have to be fit to face any situation. They are making their own place in the world. We should be proud of them.

Whenever I’m thinking about kids of today’s era, oh my god, they are so intelligent, they know how to do things, they know  what are latest models in cars, bikes and electronics gadgets, they are having more information than us, believe me this is true. They wish to become young as soon as possible; they are enthusiastic, bold, frank, intelligent and smarter. But I’m requesting all parents that don’t pressurize your kid to become engineer or doctor.

Talk with them and understand their things. I believe that communication is best medicine for depression, after exams and results if  you come to know that your kid just passed with less marks. Don’t scold them, instead of that inspire them by saying that don’t worry everything will be fine, try harder in your next exam. This way you can come emotionally close to them, they are precious; understand them by spending quality time. I have seen parents are pressurizing kids to study more and more, let them be a little free to do their choice work.

We elders are having one very bad habit to overprotect kids. We never say them that do whatever you wish in your life, we should be good friend of them rather than only adviser always. Every year after 10th or 12th exams results, students are committing suicide. For that I believe somewhere their elders are responsible, some time their teachers also, who never told them that life always gives second chance to fight against your fears, your defeats.

They are expecting more than students’ capacity, then kids are getting disturbed, when they are getting less mark they are thinking that life is finished, I have destroyed my life, and I’ll not become doctor or engineer, why should I live then?

After result if your kid is crying or got depressed then don’t scold them, don’t shout on them, don’t compare them, give him or her courage that life is not finished, try for some other course. But instead of inspiring kids parents are getting confused, what to do now for their kids.

Don’t show your worries in front of them, encourage them for new courses.

This way you can save your kids. Only need is to communicate with them, understand their problems, and try to solve them. Life is so beautiful. Give them example that everyone is born on earth to do specific task, everyone is special. So, don’t worry and let them make their own way to success.

Parents should understand one thing that we should not order young kids, we can advise them, then let them decide what to do in their life. Don’t be overprotective to our kids; let them explore their own world. One day you will be proud of them. Let them struggle; it will make them stronger physically and emotionally. Every person should have own identity by his or her work instead of they are known because of their parents. It’s worthless. Youngsters are making their identity; they are welcoming the new world of technology. They are more creative I believe.



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7 thoughts on “Generation Next

  1. so your definition of ‘generation next’ starts with a google search and ends at google earth? I wonder why people can not think beyond google sometimes!

  2. Sandeep K. Maniaar (www.emofree.in) says:

    @ Neema…

    Beautiful article… with very communicative and convicing language…

    Hatz off…

    Sandeep K. Maniaar

  3. neema says:

    kunal i think u have not read whole article, first of read it & then comment,i have written that now a days kids r not dependent on books only, they know from where they can fetch information, news or information regarding to questions that arises in their mind, before two decays kids were dependent on bookish knowledge, but now they know how to use internet, in that sense they are more smarter. hope u got ur answer. read whole article properly first.

  4. Dhiru Shah says:

    Good article with appreciation of good qualities of new generation. But getting information is not the only thing in moving forward or so to say making upward progress. It definitely helps in this highly competitive world. But as I look to it this new generation is missing very important aspect which is our cultural heritage so far as we as Indian origins are concerned. In addition to this, with all the new avenues at the disposal of this new generation, their mind set up gets narrower and narrower with regard to family values and they become more like self centered putting behind everything including the rest of their family. In Gujarati we always say that “Umber chhodi ne dunger poojawa chalyo”. If translated it will be something like this “instead of worshiping his own threshold, he is worshiping the far away mountain.” In spite of all these, I believe more in their progress and development and their contribution to this age.

  5. Mahendra Shah says:

    Good article.

  6. Manek Sangoi says:

    True picture of depicting evolution and evaluation of the present generation. Crux of the idea is: respect and love age, I mean new age of course. It should be the undistorted reflection of the gone-going age.

    To which Yug we are leading to? To know this our conscience needs to be developed to the higher level.

  7. neema says:

    ya very true dhirubhai, we have to explain them & give them example that true happiness is to share your achievements & sadness with family. for me i cant imagine my life without my family & friends, thanks for sharing ur valuable thoughts,

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