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Healthy food to eat everyday

It is very important to keep a check on what we are eating in our day to day life, to maintain a healthy living. Eating healthy food doesn’t mean that you should constrict yourself to a limit food family, but it means that you must eat which is good for your health and is not giving any extra calorie or fat to your body. Just like a vehicle needs petrol to keep functioning properly same way our body needs healthy food to keep it in a proper working condition.

Today’s life has become so hectic and busy that we are not giving any importance to the food we eat. We are so busy in our lives that we want everything should be ready made. Do you think that the packaged food we eat is healthy? Or the street food that is given so much importance is of any good for our body? The answer is NO.  Our body needs energy to work and this energy is provided to us by food. We must try to include natural food in our diet rather than the packaged and processed food items. One must consume lots of fruits and vegetables to eradicate the toxic elements from our body.

Here is a quick list of some food items which must be included in your everyday meals:


Yogurt is a food which is made by fermentation of milk. It is a very healthy food item to include in our meals. It is rich in calcium which helps to strengthen our bones. It helps in maintaining the gut health and is also helpful in eradicating diseases related to our intestines and urinary tracts. 1 bowl of yogurt gives you enough energy to fight diseases and helps you build a strong immune system.

Benefits of yogurt:

Yogurt is rich in calcium which helps to maintain bone density and edevelopes muscles. It is also very useful for people who want who lose weight. Being an excellent source of maintaining a good heart health, it is preferably consumed in breakfast.

You can consume this food product as it is or it can be sweetened too. Adding fruits to Yogurt is another good way of having this which is not only good for health but also tastes amazing. Also, it helps in building strong immune system.


One must make it a point to eat 2 eggs every day. Eggs are a rich source of protein. They are very good for people above 50 as they help in controlling the cholesterol level of our body. Eggs can be divided into 2 parts. The white part known as albumin is a healthy part of the egg. It is rich in protein. The yellow part known as the yolk is rich in fats. If you are a diet conscious person than consuming egg white is the best food option for you.

Benefits of eating eggs:

Eggs are very nutritious.They help us is keeping our skin healthy. These are rich in vitamins and hence are known to be the powerhouse of proteins. There are so many good ways to consume eggs. You can boil them, make an omelette or have it half fried. Eggs can be tagged as the source to a healthier, brainier, stronger and leaner self.

Best way to consume: To be specific, Eggs are most effective when they are boiled. You can add a little salt and black pepper to taste and have them. Breakfast and Brunch is the best time to have eggs in your meal.


Obviously! isn’it? As our mothers also compel us have more and more fruits, we get to know about the benefits more and more. Natural foods have always been the best foods for us. Fruits are a rich source of vitamins and minerals that help in fighting against numerous diseases. Apart from providing most of the nutrients, they make our body fit and healthy.

We must not constrict our body to a certain fruit. The more colors we have in our plate, the healthier it will be for our body.

Why to consume fruits?

As fruits are a natural source of food they provide us healthy body in long run. They are a complete balance of vitamins and minerals. Being rich in calcium and low in calories, fruits can easily make you cheat on your everyday Junk Hoggery!

Have it in the best way: Fruits are actually very underrated. There are so many more interesting ways of having fruits instead of just cutting and putting them in your stomach. Add some cream to your fruit basket and have delicious Fruit cream. You can add strawberries, oranges to your water and drink it to detox your body. Moreover, Fruit salads is a universally known style of having fruits. So, don’t just stick to one method, innovate and stay healthy.


Who says healthy is not the tasty? Trust the sources, Healthy is the new tasty! Non vegetarian food, be it chicken, lamb or fish is healthy for our body. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. It is a balanced diet in itself. It is a rich source of fiber and fat. Meat is best when cooked properly. You can bake or fry it .

Chicken can be consumed in a number of ways. You can have it as a snack or in proper meal. You can cook it as a topping on your pizza or can have a chicken or meat burger.

How is non vegetarian food helpful?

It keeps our immune system strong. It helps in keeping our skin healthy. It helps in slowing down the ageing process. They are rich in omega 3 acids. It is excellent for our brain. Excess of anything is bad so you must construct the consumption of non veg to 3 times a week. It is rich in fats and is best for kids.

What else? It is so tasty! Chicken is, definitely, the most loved food among the masses. Be it, Tandoori chicken, Butter chicken or any other form of non-veg, it is simply the best in health and in taste. Savour! But, of course, fried chicken or meat is not good for health as it can make you gain bad cholesterol and prove to be very dangerous for heart patients.

Green vegetables.

Green vegetables consist of all leafy vegetables like spinach etc and vegetables like lady-finger, cabbage, broccoli etc. They are a rich source of iron. These provides us nutrients like vitamin A, C, E and K. Many of the B complex nutrients are also found in the green vegetables.

From the big vegetable family, Broccoli is a rich source of minerals that help in maintaining the balance of nutrients in our body. They help in reducing the risk of cancer and fight diseases related to colon. Green vegetables are also helpful for people suffering from anaemia.

What makes green vegetables best for us?

They help in reducing risk of cancer. Green vegetables are a rich source of iron for our body. They are very good for health conscious people. Green vegetables are rich in folic acid, potassium, magnesium and vitamin-c. They are an excellent source of energy for old people. They help you keep a healthy heart.

In a Nutshell, Green vegetables, for human beings, is like Green colored blood. It is blood, pure, but in green color. What this basically means that vegetables can help you activate blood cells in your body and improve the Haemoglobin. Be it slimmer body or Cleaner skin, Green vegetables is the key to your perfection.


Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C. they help in maintaining a good cholesterol level and also helps in strengthening bones. They help in fighting the growth of cancer cells and are very beneficial for people with acidity problems. It helps to absorb the antioxidants from our body.

Benefits of eating lemon: It promotes hydration. Lemons are the best source of vitamin C. Lemons can be used in a variety of ways. You can squeeze them on vegetables or can make a lemonade and have it with honey and water. It helps in keeping our skin glowing and healthy. It is very helpful in weight loss. Lemons also help in proper digestion. They also help in preventing kidney stones.

Dark chocolate:

Yummy! Still healthy! Dark chocolates are very helpful in maintaining a balance in your blood pressure. It helps in prevention of cancer and also helps in improving the health of heart. They are a good antioxidant rich food. But everything in excess is harmful for our body. We must keep a check on whatever we eat must be in an appropriate quantity.

Benefits of eating dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate helps to have a calm mind. It is good for blood pressure patients as it helps in maintaining balance in BP. It is a good source of preventing cancer. Dark chocolate washes away the toxins in urinary tract infections. It is very helpful in maintaining proper blood sugar levels. It is also known as powerhouse of antioxidants.

Take care of consumption: Dark chocolates can be consumed anytime of the day but not more than 2 or 3 pieces.


The healthiest food item for non vegetarians is salmon. It is rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. salmon is also a good source of cholesterol. It is a very good food item for our hair, nails and skin. It also helps in keeping a good heart. Salmon is advised by doctors as it helps in fighting cancer cells. It is an excellent food for today’s busy life as it is a balanced food which provides all the necessary nutrients to our body.

Benefits: Salmon is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids which help us have healthy skin and body. Salmon fish is a great source of protein. It contains high level of vitamin B. It is a rich source of potassium. Salmon can be cooked, fried and baked. It also helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Salmon is good for pregnant women. It helps in good growth of the fetus.


They are a good source of fat, protein and fiber. Nuts are also rich in some vitamins and minerals. They can be used in some dishes and can also be eaten as snacks. People enjoy nuts with their drinks too. It is an excellent habit to consume nuts with honey in winters as helps keep the body warm from inside.

Why to munch on nuts?

Nuts make our eyesight better. They are rich in protein. They help us become brainier. Nuts are good for health conscious people. It is good for our heart. They are low on cholesterol. They are known as Vitaliy boosting snack. You can simply munch on nuts anytime anywhere.


Eating healthy is not only about eating less and dieting but it means that you are consuming good food and healthy food. Always keep in mind to eat food which gives you proper energy and all that you need to live a good life. Food which is rich in fat must be avoided as it only makes us fat and also increases our cholesterol level which is not at all good for our heart. Our body needs a balanced diet to grow and fight diseases. We must try and eat as much natural food as possible and try to avoid all kind of packaged and processed foods.

The above items are only a part of healthy foods. Nature has given us a lot of variety to eat. Our food must not be fried but we must try and constrict ourselves to eat baked rather than going for fried food. Packaged food gives rise to cancer causing agents and processed food gifts us a bad heart.  Therefore, it is beneficial to order fresh food and by using big basket offers, you will be able to get 30% off on every food you order. A life build on medicines and diseases is 100% worse than a life full of energy and healthy living. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking meals at home, and reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates, on the other hand, may help to improve mood and lower your risk for mental health issues too.


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