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How do you cope when there’s no one to talk to?

…………..when you badly need someone to listen to you?

Senior man talking to a dog

Senior man talking to a dog

Let me start with my answer.

Ammm.. let me think a bit for it. Many a times I feel the void of a good listener who with  total concentration can listen to my inner-going stuffs which may be regarding happiness, sadness or some new idea that just have burst my little brain! I mean, as I spend my most of the time online, I have made a huge circle of e-friends. I have hundreds of friends in my Yahoo! and Gtalk messenger, and at any given time, at least 20 are online to talk to.

But…but..but..sometimes such a worst situation occurs when despite having them online in the messenger list, I still feel the void of a good listener. And the worst of the worst thing is that, at that time ideas or feelings are pumping the blood in veins so high to be shared with someone badly.

So I do variety of things to cope up with such uncanny situation. For instance, I harass my cell phone’s address book by browsing names one by one, hoping I will come up with one such name whom I can call up and start talking! If that doesn’t work, I turn on to Youtube and give a random keyword for search and watch some video. Of course, that too doesn’t work because ultimately that’s not what is the need of the time. So I then, hunt for a book. A book even doesn’t satisfy my talking desire. And at such a time of talking craving I badly expect a call from someone, doesn’t matter a friend or not, just someone and for that I weirdly even mediate on my cell phone for a while! And when even that doesn’t work I try to write down something. But my experiences of such situations reveal that, I couldn’t succeed this too beyond couple of lines.

And last but not the least, I just plan for watching a movie, mostly a Hollywood flick of any genre. Sometimes, this helps a bit.. but not for a longer time.

So, ultimately, all what I can say is, I am yet to learn how to cope with such a situation.

How’s that about you?


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

18 thoughts on “How do you cope when there’s no one to talk to?

  1. Good one.
    After 4 years of being net savvy; wisdom has dawned on me that it is good to be in communication with friends, but an altogether rewarding one to be with oneself and live in present

    I recommend to read this book –


  2. Tushar Bhatt says:

    Each one of us has a split personality–when we are in company of others after a while,we yearn to be alone and when we are alone, after a while, we crave for company.This is our nature.But we have found ways to avoid being alone.Being alone for sometime every now and then enables us to do self-introspection.In Gujarati, we call it Jat sathe vat. Faster and more complex modern life make us feel dazed and talking to self is the antidote.However,like childrem we love the ailment and hate the remedy because a sick person draws attention of others for which we hanker.Stress related sickness has psychosomatic roots.So, being alone for some time regularly will benefit us.Welcome it. Being alone is different from being lonely.

  3. I never experienced this situation. I generally don’t chat much online. If I get bored, I watch movies, listen to some good music, or sometimes sit idle.

  4. Use twitter, there is always someone online!

  5. Aery says:

    This sounds really funny, but as a child I used to talk to my farm trees. Here is cosmo city Bangalore, there so many people to talk but less to understand. Irony, huh, thats the way life is 🙂

  6. Mustafa says:

    I talk to my God through prayers.

  7. xborg1 says:

    Shoot yourself. 🙂

  8. Sandeep K. Maniaar says:

    Yes Devang… well said !

    Introspection or self-talk is not just a solution… let’s come to the solution… I could suggest only one solution as well which I use mostly when feeling talkative… “Eventhoug I want some-one to listen me… I love to detach myself from me and I love to talk to my self… ultimately I love and accept my self” or make your own statement and tap… tap… tap…

    Have a great times ahead


    Sandeep K. Maniaar

  9. Navin Vibhakar says:

    I talk to myself linking myself to converse with god Shree Krishna.

  10. Jagan says:

    Well, when there’s none to talk.. then..

    1. I tweet. Twitter rocks!
    2. Read blogs.
    3. Do some freelance works.
    4. Blog, blog, blog.

    Well, then i make myself not available for anyother to talk to me with these activites.

  11. Tony Thorne says:

    I’m a good listener, so I usually talk to myself. Otherwise it’s writing, writing and more writing!

    Best wishes to all



  12. Rittu says:

    doesn’t it seems funny?!!! yeah ,it’s true that we feel alone, but talking like this is beyond my imagination. I just make a call to a dear one or just chat….. but truely freinds, sometimes it doesn’t work, you really need a near one to share your feelings…..May we all have a near-n- dear one……

  13. Hardik says:

    Don’t you think getting married can help, guys? You’ll always have someone to talk to but no guarantee that you will always be understood 🙂 but yeah it may work well most of the times as if he/she doesn’t understand you then also you will get busy in arguments and that’s how you may end up feeling lonely.

    Other solution is stop being netizen for awhile and just wear your shoes and head for any random place wherever your foots start walking. Try to observe minute things around you as you walk, concentrate on them and ponder upon them and you will feel that there’s a lot to see, learn and think and most likely when you come back home, that aloofness will be gone. Give it a try~!

  14. Fire_Blazer says:

    There are a number of ways you can get rid of feeling sad and lonely.

    1. I think doing something that gives you pleasure is a solution thats worked for me.
    2.The other alternative- get something that has been on your “To-do” list for a while. The sense of accomplishment you get out of it is bound to make your spirits fly.
    3. Do fun things often, with or without the company of others. It could be riding a bike, going for a run along the lakeshore, or seeing an air show. That ways you are not left feeling empty or deprived when at times you do get lonely.
    4. Do what you have to even if your heart says no. You will thank yourself later for having had your head planted firmly on top of your neck.
    Again, what works for me may not work for someone beside me. Thats wahy its a friendly advice for all you guys out there who may be having it a little rough right now.

    All the best!

  15. Dinesh Mehta says:

    I have hardly faced any problem when I am alone,and it’s never a problem for me to pass the time.
    Yes I MEAN IT,. I don’t remember when i said last” I AM GETTING BORED” I don’t know whether any one belive it but each and every moment of my life is equally precious to me, so far as me and my nature is concerned I am always busy in enjoying the next picture facing my eyes of the running life.
    Even some time I tell people if they have marked the gods great game…NO PICTURE REPEATS IN THE LIFE…NOTHING REPEATS…NEITHER SHOCKS NOR HAPPINESS…Each coming moments in your life is quite a new, who the hell will close his eyes when a total new world is knocking your doors..So there are so many things to see, to feel, to smell, to hear and there is no limitation or out of stock even two ants or to birds can make you busy if you have such sight,or by learning very easily you can be the great audience to the nature…and then to cope up with the time will never become a question….DINESH MEHTA…(Pee paaa jeee)

  16. Chetna H Kumar says:

    That’s a nice one! At such conditions, I generally like to talk to my soft toys.
    They are more like friends to me than soft toys! Hanging out with
    friends or chatting on the phone solves this problem too. Cuz i don’t have a pet,
    i can’t talk to animals or else i love talkin to them! After all they r livin thins!
    We have a huge garden place in our balcony which iss covered with green plants!
    I like to talk to them sometimes when none of the above answers
    are available to me. If i don’t find any solution to this problem at some times(maybe cuz i’m
    in a horrible mood) i usually search for a book and in minutes i find myself totally absorbed
    in it!!!

  17. vibhavan mehta says:

    when there is no one around,
    your conscience is always there ,
    it is youe best friend,
    to talk to
    and also to listen what it says

  18. tarjeta r4 para nintendo ds says:

    That’s a nice one! At such conditions, i just complain god about it…..its just that mostly happens every week….

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