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How important is Your Company’s Social Media Profile When Building a Web Business?

How important is Your Company’s Social Media Profile When Building a Web Business? 

Remember when you thought social media would be a fad? We’ll let you collect yourself until you stop laughing. This medium has only picked up speed at a breakneck pace and not just for sharing photos of your kids. It has a legitimate place in business, and a solid social media program representing your company could be just the thing to take you from good to great or even amazing. So how important are social profiles when building a website business? Extremely important! You didn’t scrimp on your design so why do so with social media? Read on for a more in depth look as to why this is such an important aspect. 

Consider the Head-Down Phenomenon 

Take a look around the next time you go to dinner. How many people are looking at their phones? You’d never do that, you tell yourself … until you do. We’ve all had those “I just need to check something” moments at the very least. For better or worse, this phenomenon isn’t likely to go away, so your mobile game—including your social media presence—must be very strong. If you miss out on this, you miss out on all this exposure and are giving it up to your competitors. 

It’s a Powerful Way to Advertise 

If you just pop on social media here and there to meet the minimum amount of posts for best practices, you’re really missing out. As this article put out by Lyfe Marketing points out of Facebook ads, “Even though the social network launched ads in 2005, it managed to reach 9.16B in ad revenue in the first quarter in 2017.” If you’re not taking advantage of ads on your social media pages, you’re missing out on a massive and consistent revenue stream. Conversely, this type of native advertising will help you cut down on your overall marketing costs, which is great if your company is currently short on cash. 

As Rachel from Bestly Products notes, “It’s the most efficient way for me to introduce new products to my followers that I will be reviewing and selling on my site.” 

It Provides Sales Without Being Too “Salesy” 

No one wants his or her business to come off like a used car salesman, which is why putting the aforementioned ads on things like Facebook comes off as a really soft sell. These customers were likely already on the popular social media site and have now been accustomed to seeing the ads, so it’s not going to overwhelm or annoy people like other forms of sales. Not only that, but you can target your ads to your demographic at a relatively low cost and get real time analysis, all while remaining relatively incognito on the sales front. People are often online shopping when they hadn’t even intended to—thank you, Facebook! 

It Helps Foster Brand Awareness 

Branding is no easy feat. Once you’ve sat down with your branding team—no matter how big or small—you want everything that comes out of your company to convey this brand. Social media profiles are the perfect way to regularly project your brand on to the people you hope to convert to customers. 

It Will Boost Your SEO Rankings 

Unless you’ve been caught under a rock in the last five years if not more, you’ve likely heard about the importance of SEO—or search engine optimization. Put simply, this is a series of techniques that are used to get you to the top of the list when a person searches something online. Because people aren’t likely to search very far down the page, it really does matter where your company shows up in that search. The reason your social media profile will do this is because quality social media content means shares, which often ends up in more visitors to your website. 

Everyone Else is Doing It 

This might sound like a juvenile concept but the truth is—everyone else is using social media to promote businesses so, if you’re focusing on other areas and not putting any effort into this realm, you’ll surely lose out to the competition. Put simply, get on board or go out of business! 

There’s no denying the invaluable opportunity your social media presence will provide for your web business, so take the time to manage it yourself or outsource it to an expert. Either way, it’ll surely pay dividends. 


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