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How to deal with bad results in JEE Exam

The JEE exams is one that is given by almost every other student of science stream in this country. The last year, 2014 saw 14 Lakhs students appear for this popular exam in the field of engineering. This is also the most popular exam in this field, as many students consider this exam to be the stepping stone for fulfilling their IIT dreams.

Why the craze behind JEE exams?

As we know according to regulations, only the first 1,50,000 students are eligible for appearing in the IIT Advanced exams who qualify the JEE exams. Also this is a growing trend in the academic world these days with the rising competition that all students who aspire to become an engineer, start preparing for their JEE exam from VI standard onwards. So not making the cut-off score or rank in the JEE exam can be quite a hard hitting blow for young students. Often students find they hugely disheartened and lose all hope. But this should not be the case.

Therefore, to help students cope with all the tension and anxiety related to JEE exams and deal with bad results in JEE, here we have a few effective tips to channel their energy in a positive direction. Because let’s face it, a bad JEE score is not the end of the world, and definitely not the end of your career. Also often we see students who do not make the cut-off marks with their first attempt but, make it work with flying colors the second time. All you have to do is study hard and be smart about your preparation plans.

Tips to deal with bad result in JEE:

  • Search for options other than IITs and NITs:
    It is true that admission in the best colleges like IITs and NITs can only be obtained after clarifying the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. But if that does not happen, it not the end of the line for you. There are plenty of other great colleges in the country, with good curriculum and top class faculties who also offer great placement opportunities. And getting into these great colleges may not be as difficult as into IITs and NITs. All you require for grabbing these amazing chances is to be open to change.
  • There is no guarantee that a person can only have a successful future with a degree from an IIT or an NIT. The main thing that enables you to achieve success is the kinds of efforts that one puts into their future.
  • Yes it is a prevalent notion that a brand named college or university enables students to land a job opportunity much easily, but that is no longer a valid point now, as most prominent companies rely on selecting students based on their merits and not on their college brand name.
  • Get a hobby: try to spend some time with your own self. Look for things that you personally enjoy and have a knack for and explore and pursue your hidden talents. Make a regime for yourself where you only do the kind of things that you enjoy doing. Try making a positive ambience for yourself, so that one can refresh and rejuvenate you and hence, focus on the goal at hand.
  • Some highly productive hobbies for you can be meditation, yoga, painting, dancing, music, or simply taking a leisurely walk.
  • Spend time with your friends: do not hesitate to show your face amongst friends and family. This is no reason to be embarrassed. This might be the right time to visit any place that you wanted to go but could not due to your busy schedule. A significant change in your mundane surroundings can be a great way to feel positive and enthusiastic about things and help get your mind off disappointment.
  • Also in your busy schedule for your JEE preparations tips you might have completely ignored your parents, grandparents and siblings, so this might the right time to catch up with them.
  • You have been stuck underneath your heavy and complicated books for your whole life now, this is the opportunity to spend some refreshing time away from them and discover other great things about you and your surroundings.
  • And finally, have hope, it often so happens that life offers you lemons instead of handing you an apple and this is not out of the ordinary. Although this bad result may seem like the end of the world right now. But you will soon realize that after everything bad that happens, the tide changes with good prospects for you in the future.


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