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How to Maintain Your Weight Loss?

No matter how much blood and sweat it took you to lose the stubborn fat that was once clinging to your body, a bit of negligence can bring it back. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Well, maintaining the weight loss is as difficult as losing it.

According to the experts at Yes Wellness, people tend to lose interest in taking a healthy diet and exercising regularly after they have reached their weight goals. Carelessness follows this lack of interest, which ultimately results in weight gain. Here, we are going to take you through some pointers which will help you keep your weight intact.

1. Exercise- After you have reached your weight-goals, never put exercising at a halt. For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, continue exercising and keep it as an integral part of your routine. It is not important to exercise as rigorously as you did earlier, but avoiding working-out is wrong.

2. Don’t skip breakfast– Breakfast is the meal of the day which is taken after long hours of sleep, and it triggers your metabolism for the day. Skipping breakfast will make you want to stuff yourself for lunch, which in turn will result in weight gain.

3. Monitor your weight regularly When you keep a check on your weight fluctuations regularly, you will be able to decide what you should avoid eating and what exercise routine is suiting your body. People who step on the weight scale regularly, tend to consume lesser calories than the people who don’t.

4. Mind the carbs When in the process of losing weight, you probably had to sacrifice upon your favourite carbs. Then again, do not try to fulfil this sacrifice now that you have reached your desired weight. Carbs add to your weight like magic, and you don’t want to experience that magic again. Therefore, be very strict when consuming simple carbs. You should opt for fibrous carbs which will make you feel full and enhance your gut function.

5. Gain back the weight in the right way, in the right places You lose a lot of your muscle mass along with weight as well. So, in order to gain back the mass and make your body strong, you can lift the weight as a part of your workout routine.

6. Include proteins in your diet- Proteins make you feel full soon, increase metabolism, and they will help you avoid carbs. Not just that, proteins help you gain back the lost muscle mass and strengthen your body. Breaking down the proteins takes a lot of energy which ultimately results in more loss of calories during the day.

7. Make weeklong plansThe habit of keeping weekends as cheat days can be detrimental for your weight loss. Therefore, make diet plans which you can follow all week long so that you don’t end up sacrificing the food you cherish for the other days of the week. Eating in smaller portions will take you a long way!

8. Drink lots of water- Well, drinking a good amount of water every day keeps you full and helps in controlling appetite to a large extent. Sometimes, water can act as an illusion to satisfy your hunger for the time being too. Plus, the more water you drink, the more calories you are likely to burn.

9. Get an ample amount of sleep Sleeping is crucial for giving your body rest to prepare for yet another eventful day. Sleep deprivation leads to the generation of ‘hunger hormones’ in your body which make you eat more. The less you sleep, the lesser you are motivated to work out and live healthily.

10. Stay happy and mindfulWhen you are not content with what you have, stress tends to take over you. This stress makes you feel hungrier and you end up consuming more calories. With additional stress, your will to work out and live actively also get affected.

To keep stress at bay, you should practice mindfulness by meditating, reading good books and good blogs, going on a social media detox from time to time, and engaging in fun activities with friends and family.

11. Make a lifestyle buddyMaintaining the weight-loss alone can be a task if you don’t have anyone to share the process with. Therefore, you should make your spouse, friend, or partner, your workout and weight management buddy. You may support each other in living a healthy lifestyle by challenging and motivating each other to stick to a healthy diet and working out plan.

There you have it! The above pointers will surely help you achieve an ideal lifestyle apart from maintaining the weight loss.  Keep following them and stay in shape physically and mentally!


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